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Key words: Support, encouragement.
Key role: Be your student’s assistant.

1. Unless your child has special needs, resist the temptation to do all the typing on the application or have your assistant do it. The application is not just an object, but a process.

2. Help your child keep track of St. Edward and college due dates. Use gentle reminders to keep the process moving; avoid angry confrontations.

3. Don’t encourage your child to exaggerate accomplishments. This creates the impression that you are not satisfied with what your son has achieved.

4. Similarly, resist the temptation to critique his application essays for not being expansive or comprehensive enough. And don’t write the essay yourself. It’s okay to proof for spelling and grammar errors.

5. Be sensitive to your son’s self-esteem. This may be the first time your son has had to be this self-descriptive. Be generous with praise. Pat yourself on the back too, for parenting your child thus far.

6. If you do not intend to support your child’s attendance at a particular college, be clear about that.

By: Patricia Pasick, Ph.D. from Almost grown: Your Child From High School To College (W.W. Norton, 1998)

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