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Almost all applications are filed electronically. While paper applications are usually available, more and more colleges are encouraging students to submit applications online.

When completing applications on line, you should print out a copy for your own record.

If you are completing a paper application, complete the application, make copies of it for your records, and mail it along with the application fee, essays and other supplementary materials and a self addressed stamped post card for the college to return to you when they have received the application.

When an application is ready to be submitted, or has been submitted to a college, you must complete a transcript request form. A separate form is required for each college to which you apply. Transcript request forms are available from your college adviser. The transcript request form is our internal log of all transcripts sent to colleges; it is also your official release of your transcript to the college. When the request has been submitted, we then complete the school report form and send it with the transcript and counselor recommendation. The following sections cover various procedures for handling paperwork in the application process.

The Common Application -  This is a standard application used for a large number of colleges that subscribe to the program and are listed at Instead of having to apply separately to each college and complete similar forms, a candidate need only complete the application once and submit it to any member college. Students often want to know if using this generic form will adversely affect their chances of admission, and the answer is no. The colleges agree to give it the same credibility as their own forms. In fact, many colleges only accept the Common Application.

Secondary School Report or Counselor Report Form -  This is the form that the college counseling office completes and generally submits electronically for you. It is most important to complete a transcript request form. Due to the volume of applications we process, you must turn in to our office all requests for transcripts two weeks prior to deadlines. Requests with a January 1 deadline must be in the office two weeks before the Christmas break. The office is closed during the vacation. These completed forms and accompanying letters are considered confidential.

Teacher Recommendations -  If teacher recommendations are required by a college, you should think about whom you will ask for a recommendation and then early in the senior year ask your teachers if they will write a recommendation for you. Some teachers are asked to write a large number of letters. They need to be able to plan ahead, and there is a limit to the number they can effectively write. Sometimes a teacher feels he or she is not the best person to write the recommendation, and it is important for you to know this early in order to make alternative plans. You should discuss recommendations with your college counselor. When it comes time to have recommendations sent, give the forms for each college to the teacher you have asked to write for you. Many teachers will submit their evaluation form and recommendation electronically to colleges to which you applied using the Common Application. You should provide the teacher with a list of the colleges to which the recommendation should be submitted.

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