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You are encouraged to visit colleges and to develop a good understanding of the opportunities available. However, you are required to communicate well in advance with the attendance office and your teachers to make arrangements for missed schoolwork. Policies regarding missing school for college visits can be found in the St. Edward High School Student / Parent Handbook. You must also let teachers know a day in advance if you wish to meet with a college representative visiting St. Edward High School.

College Visits Colleges have a schedule of tours, overnight programs, open houses and regional programs. Call the college for information so that you can plan ahead. It is best to do the majority of such visits during the summer between junior and senior year so you will return to school with some definite college choices and cause less interruption of your senior year academic and athletic programs. Then you will perform your best in school and give full attention to your college applications. It is always possible to return for another visit during the school year, if necessary, or during winter or spring break.

Interviews Many colleges are curtailing the number of campus interviews and not utilizing them as a part of the selection process, and they are offering instead more group sessions and alumni interviews. Some colleges, however, still see the interview as an important part of the process and an expression of the student's interest in the college. You need to learn the policy of the colleges that interest you most. We encourage you to have interviews when and if possible because in general St. Edward students are well informed and articulate. You should prepare for the interview by reading some basic information about the college. Call well in advance to make an appointment. Dress neatly and comfortably. Relax! St. Edward students are interesting. Review the college's website thoroughly enough to be familiar with the general aspects of the school so you can ask intelligent questions. Use a small card to make a list of questions you would like to ask and to take some notes. Get the interviewer's name and follow up with a thank you note.

Questions an interviewer might ask you What academic area interests you most at this time? What extracurricular activity is most meaningful to you? How would you describe yourself as a student? What are you looking for in a college? Have any events affected your secondary school record? If you were the interviewer, what would you want to know? Name three famous people you would like to invite for dinner? Why?

Questions you could ask What types of students are happy at the college? What sort of advising programs is there for freshmen? What about the quality of student and faculty interaction? What sets the college apart from other similar schools? Extracurricular information? Concerns about admissions and financial aid? Residential life?

Meetings with Admission Representatives at St. Edward High School Every year a hundred or more admissions representatives visit St. Edward High School. A list of visiting colleges is available online in your Family Connection account. This is a valuable resource for you. It is a good opportunity to ask new questions about a college you have visited or to learn about a new college that has been suggested to you by your college counselor. It is also one more contact with the college and another expression of your interest in a college. The college representatives are often the people who advocate for our students on the admission committee, and it is helpful for them to be able to associate a person with the application. Get permission from your teacher at least a day in advance to attend a session.

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