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The Br. John William Donoghue, C.S.C. Society

Br. John William Donoghue, C.S.C., St. Edward High School’s first principal, built the foundation for the world-class education that is provided to the young men of Greater Cleveland today.  In his honor, St. Edward High School established the Donoghue Legacy Society, recognizing individuals and families who have included the school in their estate plans.  In the future, those planned gifts will play a critical role in the growth of St. Edward High School, serving the needs of the hundreds of students who rely on scholarship and financial aid to fund their education.  Members of the Donoghue Legacy Society are motivated by the St. Edward mission in hopes of providing for the next generation of talented students.  

Getting Started

The cornerstone of most estate plans is a well-written will.  If you do not currently have a will, below is a list of reasons why you should consider one:

  • You, not the government, controls the destiny of your assets.
  • You select the executor who will oversee the distribution of assets.
  • You provide for family members, friends or relatives according to their needs.
  • You can provide support for charitable causes that have special meaning to you.

Whether you are considering making a will for the first time, or revising one, you should always consult your attorney as to the appropriate language that will meet your wishes. 

To get started, call Tim Isabella `88 at 216-221-3776 Ext. 254 or

Current Donoghue Society Members

Mary Lou and Jay T. Ansberry ‘67
Mimi and Richard P. Backus ‘53
Michael V. Bownick ‘72
Virginia and Robert F. Burkhardt ‘54
John P. Butler ‘54
Susan and Michael A. Carlin ‘66
Loretta and Robert* J. Cleary
Margaret and Thomas A. Corrigan ‘53
Timothy J. Corrigan ‘57
Deborah and Jack Dorenkott ‘69
Norman A. Fox
Connie and William W. Gadd ‘53
Charles M. Guizzotti
Frederick W. Hermes ‘63
Ronald S. Hollo ‘64
James F. Jollay ‘55
Thomas F. Kemer ‘55*
Gail and Gilbert P. Kenehan ‘56
Eleanore and James R. Keogh Trust
Brian M. King ‘62
Charles H. Kline ‘98
Michael A. Minelli ‘58
Robert A. Moskowitz ‘65
John F. O’Brien ‘54
Kevin O’Brien ‘59
James S. O’Connor ‘61
Joseph O’Connor ‘67
Marilyn J. and David L. Palisin ‘64
Thomas C. Pavlik ‘59
Ronald A. Perger ‘72
Robert J. Quinn ‘53
Abigail Sammon
Thomas X. Singer ‘57
Edsel W. Stroup ‘57*
John Swinglish ‘62
Joanne and Russell J. Tadych ‘63
Martha and Stephen P. Traynor ‘74
Judith and Donald W. Uebbing ‘60
David J. Viancourt ‘61
Patrick J. Walsh ‘82
*Denotes Deceased

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