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St. Edward Alumni Association Mission Statement

The purpose of the St. Edward High School Alumni Association is to provide a liaison between the alumni and the school, to bring to alumni knowledge of the school and its various activities, and to reflect the sentiment of the alumni on matters affecting the school by fostering moral, spiritual, and financial support for the continued growth of the school.

St. Edward High School Awards

ALUMNUS OF THE YEAR AWARD – is the highest honor bestowed by St. Edward High School, this award is presented to a graduate who has achieved significant success in their primary field of endeavor, prominence in the community, and lifelong devotion to the ideals of Holy Cross education.

ST. JOSEPH BENEFACTOR AWARD -- is presented annually to an individual, a couple, family, corporation, or foundation that has provided substantial support to St. Edward High School. The award honors St. Joseph the benefactor of Mary and Jesus and the patron saint of the Congregation of the Holy Cross.

BRONZE EAGLE AWARD -- recognizes a St. Edward graduate for his ongoing support and commitment, over a significant number of years, to the ideals of Holy Cross education. The award winner must have graduated a minimum of 10 years prior to receive this award. 

presented to volunteers who have shown an overwhelming commitment to St. Edward High School.

BR. THOMAS HENNING, C.S.C. AWARD -- recognizes a non-graduate who has demonstrated unselfish loyalty to St. Edward, over a significant number of years, and commitment to the ideals of Holy Cross education.

Alumni Association Board Members & Officers

Kevin Butler ’93 - Secretary
Rob Cahill ‘93
 - Treasurer 
Mike Carlin ‘66
Pat Chrosniak ‘02
Tom Corrigan ‘53
Tom Crowley '59
Mark Cupach ‘69 
Paul Del Vecchio ‘73 
John Duffy ‘61 
John Grecol 03
Jack Fintz ‘66
Pete Hannon ‘66
Vince Hvizda ’58  
Neil Kelly '88
Tom Kueller '79
Chuck MacMillan ‘57 
Ryan Mayer ‘04
Mike O'Boyle ‘93 
Matt Rawlings ‘76 
Bill Rieke ‘60
John Slyman ’97
Scott Snider '04
Mike Stanek ’77  - President 
Tim Tabar ‘80 
Bud Viancourt '83 
Jim Wagner '72  - Vice President 
Matt Wallenhorst '05
Dennis Walsh ‘73 

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