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The St. Edward Cheer Team is made up of students from St. Joseph Academy and Magnificat High School who support the community of St. Edward High School through athletic spirit leadership. Males at SEHS also have the opportunity to participate in this sport. The St. Edward Cheer Team competes in regional competitions & the Ohio Association of Secondary School Administators (OASSA) State of Ohio Championships during the school year.  CHECK THE CHEER TEAM NEWS AND EVENTS PAGE FOR DATES AND REGISTRATION.
Tryouts are held each Spring for the following academic year for both the FOOTBALL and BASKETBALL Varsity and JV squads. Athletes are permitted to cheer one or two sport seasons. On rare occasion we may hold a tryout in early fall for basketball season. This is determined on an as needed basis. CHECK THE CHEER TEAM NEWS AND EVENTS PAGE FOR DATES AND REGISTRATION.

For athletes in grades 6 - 11, students interested in pursuing high school cheer athletics, this is where you want to be! A GREAT CLINIC to come to if you plan on trying out for the St. Edward Cheer Team. Get to know exactly what we are looking for in a cheer athlete. Work on the details of your skills - solidifying the fundamentals to build advanced skills upon. 
Additionally, we will have training for cheer athletes in grades 3 - 5, with a little more focus on development of the athletic skills necessary for successful grade school cheering.
The importance of tumbling will be covered but will not be taught at this clinic. It is highly recommended that cheer athletes train at a reputable tumbling or gymnastics facility.

The St. Edward High School Cheer Team invites you to join us for the best summer cheer camp around! This camp is designed for individuals and for teams that desire to learn the skills, presentation, and spirit it takes to be the best cheerleader and the best cheer squad! Teams will learn what it takes to get their crowd involved and pump up school spirit! Everyone will learn what the LEADER in cheerLEADER really is all about! Teams can be assured of being prepared for the start of football season! Join us for a great camp experience!  CHECK THE CHEER TEAM NEWS AND EVENTS PAGE FOR DATES AND REGISTRATION.


THE competition to attend! Come celebrate your athletic skills at the Eagles' Nest! Bring your A game and demonstrate your top Cheer Leadership and Athletic Skills! CHECK THE CHEER TEAM NEWS AND EVENTS PAGE FOR DATES AND REGISTRATION. 

Postings by Coach Gretchen Toddy Ludwick
Cheer Team News & Events Page.

OASSA State of Ohio Cheerleading Championships
Division 1, Mount

2004 4th
2005 3rd
2006 4th
2009 5th
2010 5th
2011 6th
2013 5th
2014 4th


Cheer Team  

St. Edward’s varsity cheer team made up of all MHS girls takes fourth in the state

By Norm Weber


St. Edward Cheer Team Varsity Squad took fourth place at the state championships held March 16, 2014.

In order to accomplish this, the group of girls had to put together a 2:30-minute routine, which was a one-shot deal with no preliminary rounds.  

To maximize the score sheet, student-athletes must perform at the highest skill level possible in all aspects of the sport: crowd leadership, tumbling, stunts, dance, and showmanship.


“The Eagles are masters of crowd leadership,” said St. Ed’s Cheer Coach Gretchen Toddy Ludwick. “They used strong, crisp, tight motions along with sign use to invoke the crowd to cheer along ‘We Are XX St. Ed's.’”

Mounts and stunts are weaved throughout the routine. The Eagles’ show was strong in this area not only through their group pyramids but with partner stunts that are usually performed with male bases, not all girls. 


Dance in cheer is strong and precise versus lyrical or pop in dance team routines. 


“With movement and choreography that mimic cheer motions, the ladies performed well in dance,” Coach Toddy Ludwick said.

Also integrated into the entire routine is tumbling. This gymnastics component has grown within the sport.  

“No longer is a back handspring considered an elite move; full squad standing tucks are becoming average at this level,” the coach said. “Our student-athletes’ tumbling skill peaked with triple jumps to tucks, round-off tucks, round-off back handspring back tucks, and a layout.  

“The feeling was amazing. We worked to peak at the end of our season, which is from May-to-March. It takes focus, specific training and conditioning, determination, heart and Eagle Pride.”

The girls work these tumbling skills behind the scenes of their game responsibilities, and unfortunately are unable to perform them for the home crowd due to safety restrictions on the hardwood.

“The team and I were elated and exhausted at the end,” Coach Toddy Ludwick said. “To see the pure joy and exhilaration on these student-athletes’ faces said it all. They peaked at the right time.”

Although there were three teams ahead of them in the final analysis, regardless of the ranking, the Eagle cheer team believes it was a major victor.

“We believe so because we maximized our skill level on the score sheet,” Coach Toddy Ludwick said.  “Really, it comes down to maximizing the points on the score sheet (similar to Olympic figure skating scoring in that regard).  We have only to worry about ourselves, not the other teams.”

What made the accomplishment by the Eagles so great was that with eight girls, they went into the tournament with a small unit in comparison to the other teams.

They competed against squads of 20+ and placed above teams of this size and a co-ed squad.  All high schools in the entire state of Ohio are invited to be evaluated at Regionals to vie for a bid to States. Only 6 Division 1 Mount teams were represented at States this year.

“The improvement over the last three years has been significant,” Coach Toddy Ludwick said. “In fact, three years ago, 2012, we only had one squad of eight, a mixed talent level of freshmen, sophomores, and one junior.”

After not competing in 2012, the Eagles believed they were ready last year. In 2013, the Varsity Squad placed 6th at States with a solid, error-free routine, with growing skill levels.


“This 2014 squad has developed skill beyond any squad at SEHS that I have coached since spring 2000, when I became head coach,” Coach Ludwick said.

In addition to the State championships, both the Varsity and JV competed at the Ohio State University Cheer and Dance Championships and took first in their divisions -- an Eagle SWEEP.

The sweep was a very special victory for the St. Ed’s Cheer Team.

“This year's Cheer Team joined me in dedicating our year to Mrs. Nancy Glass, my mentor, teacher and coach,” Coach Ludwick said. “Mrs. G. passed in August just prior to the start of the football season. In fact, her funeral was on August 31, the home opener.  The Varsity Squad, in full dress uniform, lined the stairs of St. Pat's West Park as the casket was brought into and out of the church.  The green uniforms they are wearing were donated in her memory.  Her initials NG are embroidered in green on their backs because ‘Mrs. G always had our backs.’  She was such a part of our success this year; our very own Angel Coach.”

Coach Toddy Ludwick sees the accomplishment as part of the St. Ed’s brand name that all student-athletic teams at the school strive to live up to, the boys’ teams over the years having won 54 state championships.    

“To place this high in States is simply outstanding,” Coach Toddy Ludwick said. “I have always told the young ladies who come to St. Edward that you are an Eagle, take that seriously. You are expected to do great things; it’s what we do.  But most important, you are expected to be great people and serve the St. Edward Community and beyond.  And above all, you must do it with class because you are ladies representing an all-male school.  The sport of cheer is about leadership, influence.  We serve as ambassadors to the Green & Gold. The privilege of competition comes after their main job of service. 

“Then we get to take it to the next level. These are some of the best young ladies I have ever coached. They are a class act all the way.”

The entire Varsity squad is composed of ladies from Magnificat High School. There are Saint Joseph Academy students on the JV team along with MHS students.  

The three seniors on the squad have expressed interest in college cheer yet no commitments have been made.

The St. Ed’s Cheer Team - Varsity Squad is as follows: Sarah Grace Danner (11th grade), Carolyn Heisser (11), Katie Hindulak (9), Veronica Musser (12), Christina Negray (12), Claire Plageman (9), Rachael Powers (9) and Abigail Shirley (12).  

Coach Toddy Ludwick says, "We believe in the philosophy of One Team - One Cheer and could not have accomplished our goals without the support of our JV Squad led by:


Coach Elizabeth Hazel '06

Sarah Conaway (9)

Sophie Jursinski (10)

Katie Kirkholder (9)

Jeffifer Lachendro (10)

Angela Mastrobuono (9)

Emma Plageman (9),

Riley Roe (9)

Emma Shirley (10)

Elaine Vilem (9)

(Roe & Vilem are SJA students, all other MHS.)

In the Division 1 - Mount High School Cheer Team classification under Coach Toddy Ludwick, the Eagles have finished as such over the years:

2004 4th
2005 3rd
2006 4th
2009 5th
2010 5th
2011 6th
2013 5th

“We have received a bid for State each year that we went for it,” said Coach Toddy Ludwick, alluding to the other years of non-state competition as “rebuilding” years. “In fact, when I started the year 2000-2001 we did not have any competition privilege or mounting privilege.  It was a total rebuild of the program when I came in.”

For a video on the team, please click on the link below:

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