Best of the Week 2018-2019: Teaching to the Future

ST. ED'S OFFERS FIRST INNOVATION INSTANT WITH MURALIST LISA QUINE As part of our initiative to teach to the future, St. Ed's will be offering new opportunities for students to create and collaborate through Innovation Instants. Innovation Instants are one-time events designed to bring students and greater Cleveland innovators together in the Lowe Institute for Innovation to participate in rapid-fire design challenges. Teachers will receive "An Innovation Instant" ticket book and will distribute these tickets over the course of the school year to students who have a natural interest in the topic of the Innovation Instant or to students who have a talent that needs further encouragement to f

Best of the Week 2018-2019: Excellence in College Prep

EDSMEN MAKE SPARKS FLY IN MRS. LAVELLE'S CHEMISTRY LAB Science department chair Mrs. Anne Marie Lavelle brought together her higher-level and standard-level IB Chemistry juniors and seniors to collaborate on a hands-on chemistry lab that made sparks fly. The lab itself was an overall review of formulas, reactions, oxidation and reduction, combustion, stoichiometry and reaction rates. The objective of this particular laboratory experiment was to find the empirical formula of iron oxide by combusting steel wool. Steel wool consists of fine iron fibers and a small percentage of carbon. The oxidation of iron can be studied by the combustion of these fine pieces of metal. The speed of oxidat

Best of the Week 2018-2019: Holy Cross Values

HOSPITALITY: ST. ED'S WELCOMES THE CLASS OF 2022 AT NIGHT AT THE NEST Hospitality is a charism central to the philosophy of Holy Cross education. St. Edward High School's commitment to hospitality manifests within the first few weeks of each new school year, starting with the annual tradition of Night at the Nest. Night at the Nest is an opportunity to officially welcome the new incoming class and their families into the St. Edward community right before the school year begins. On Saturday, August 18, the Class of 2022, their families, and faculty and staff members joined together for a communal dinner on the front lawn of campus to kick off the weekend event. After dinner, families were

Best of the Summer

This week's "Best of the Summer" feature kicks off the 2018-2019 school year highlighting how St. Edward High School's Faculty and Staff Members spent their summer. Mr. Nicholas Kuhar, Director of Innovation, shot two videos this August. The first featured the St. Ed's Trash Talkers, made in association with their official sponsors, and the St. Edward Film Department. The other featured a custom Rube Goldberg machine, representing the many branches of innovation at St. Edward High School, and was filmed for the Grand Opening of the Lowe Center for Innovation. Mr. Michael Perrins, Director of International Programs, led a group of Edsmen to Auckland, New Zealand where they were

An Evening of Gratitude & Celebration

It was a historic night on Saturday, August 11 at St. Ed’s as we cut the ribbon on the Joseph & Helen Lowe Institute for Innovation! What a gift for our students who will be able to take advantage of 28,000-square-feet to create, experiment, design, engineer, prototype and launch their ideas into the world. Our students will create the future in this stunning new space. Visit The Courage to Act Campaign Website at to see more photos and to learn more about The Joseph & Helen Lowe Institute for Innovation as well as future expansion projects at St. Edward High School.

Record Number of Eagles Attend National Latin Convention

Sixteen St. Edward Latin students, known to classicists around the country as "Knights of the Tiber," participated in the 2018 annual convention of the National Junior Classical League at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio the week of July 22-28. This is the largest turnout of Eagles ever for this yearly celebration of Latin & the Classics. The Knights were accompanied by Latin coaches Daniel Cavoli & Greg Stemm. Joining them for multiple days of games, contests, spirit rallies, workshops, & collaborative projects - along with the most aggressive event of all, an intricate buzzer contest for Latin trivia buffs known as Competitive Certamen - were more than 1,300 high school Latin scholars from

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