Best of the Week 2018-2019: Teaching to the Future

"LABYRINTH" SHARES WOMEN'S STORIES TO INCREASE CONSCIOUSNESS OF OUR ACTIONS "Labyrinth" shares seventeen diverse women's experiences with misogyny, sexual harassment and sexual assault in the workplace, on the street, at bars and at night. Not only does the film explain these women's individual experiences, but it also dives deeper by sharing how they dealt with the aftermath of these events, how their experiences continue to affect their lives and how, in their opinion, we can move forward in creating a change so that women do not have to live in fear. "'Labyrinth' is a metaphor for how our society is stuck in a culture with a staggering number of sexual assault and violence accounts," sa

Best of the Week 2018-2019: Excellence in College Prep

STUDENTS BROADEN THEIR KNOWLEDGE IN DOCUMENTARY ETHICS & FILMING TECHNIQUES Through "Labyrinth," the St. Edward Film Department provided students with an opportunity to advance their digital filmmaking skills and documentary ethics in order to share these women's hard-hitting stories with reverence. To help inform the students even more about the subject matter, Mr. Kuhar brought in Mr. Alex Leslie, Senior Director of Educational Services at the Cleveland Rape Crisis Center, to provide students with helpful statistics and guidance for how to properly formulate interview questions. Mr. Leslie expressed the importance of keeping emotional intelligence in mind while conducting an interview an

Best of the Week 2018-2019: Holy Cross Values

"LABYRINTH" EMPHASIZES FOSTERING HEALTHY RELATIONSHIPS AND INCREASING COMPASSION TOWARD WOMEN Last spring, the St. Edward Film Department's IB HL Film students devoted the entire semester to creating "Labyrinth," a collection of interviews in which women throughout Greater Cleveland share their personal experiences with misogyny, sexual harassment and assault and how these experiences impact their daily lives today. This film project challenged students to be thoughtful communicators, to become more knowledgable about sexual violence prevention, and to express their caring, principled nature by formulating appropriate, precise questions for the documentary's participants. "Labyrinth" also

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