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1953 – Tom Anderson, Al Beck

1954 – 

1955 – Dan Clancy

1956 – Steve Mahle

1957 – Tom Holland

1958 – Vince Hvizda

1959 – Allan Austin, John Nock

1960 – Bill Rieke, Tom Corcoran, Bob Folatko

1961 – John Duffy, Rolland Johns, Dave McNamee

1962 – Dan Rosing

1963 – Andy Wagner

1964 – 

1965 – Don Stark

1966 – Jack Fintz

1967 – Jay Ansberry, Richard Clark

1968 – Rob Bahnij, BJ Jones, Bill Leonard

1969 – Mark Cupach

1970 – 

1971 – Nassim Lynch, John Kiczek, Neil Garrity, Dan Fuller

1972 – Jim Wagner, Mike McConnell

1973 – Tim Gibbons

1974 – Brian Broadbent

1975 – Tom Mackin, Jr.

1976 – Matt Rawlings, Pat Duffy

1977 – Mike Stanek, John Weisensell, John Seelie

1978 – Dan Barrett, Brent Collins

1979 – Brian Gaul, Tom Kueller

1980 – Tim Tabar, Glen Danahey

1981 – Tim McKenna, Tom Girgash

1982 – Scott Dantio, Joe Manno, Brian Hippler, Bob Burdenski, Mike Malisheski

1983 – Judge John Russo, Pat Lenehan

1984 – Tom Zullo, Pete Mitchell

1985 – Bob Dezort, Mike Flowers, Phil Singh

1986 – 

1987 – Jim Sammon, Thom Wojkun

1988 – Todd Ashdown

1989 – Brian Clancy

1990 – Brad Kostka

1991 – 

1992 – Tom Mocho, Dan Nocella, Andy Baszuk

1993 – Dr. Frank O’Linn, Frank McGee

1994 – Patrick Duffy, Brian Neff

1995 – Patrick Metzger

1996 – Jason Votruba, Joe Schilens

1997 – Fr. Chuck Butkowski, John Litten, Yoshi Nakamura

1998 – Tim Smith

1999 – Joe Kasl, Jason Orsky

2000 – KC McKenna, Joe Coughlin, Zak Schweda

2001Carl Mazzone, Joe Smith, Dan Gallagher, Raphael Carranza

2002 – Michael Murray

2003 – John Grecol, Matt Yankow, Nick Goers

2004 – Eric Foster, Will Finn, Rob Parkinson, Andy Ruda, Dan Wallenhorst

2005 – Andy Tabar, Alex Spooner

2006 – Aseem Garg, Carmen Pescatrice, Chris Stroh

2007 – Rick Kubrak, Dan Corcoran

2008 – Mike Fox

2009 – Jeff Burke

2010 – Alex Nixon, Kevin Carlin

2011 – Tim Moran

2012 – 

2013 – Gerard Basalla, Drew Pavlov

2014 – Pablo Lopez

2015 – Keith Gordon, Shea Solmos

2016 – Danny Zahn, Tommy Fox, Ryan Ashdown

2017 – Anthony Raffin, Logan Leduc, Lorenzo Ritson

2018 – 

2019 – Jack Loesch

2020 – 

2021 – 

2022 – 


A special part of the Alumni connection is all of the shared experiences Eagles had as St. Ed’s students. From memories of your favorite Holy Cross Brother, rallies with Eagle Man, up-down stairs, stories about the sub-basement to artifacts in the Brother Bennett Museum, St. Ed’s wants to preserve these memories and connections among Alumni. An important step in maintaining this Eagle connection is regular communication between classmates and the school. St. Ed’s Advancement Department recently created a network of Class Ambassadors to facilitate the flow of information and promote positive relationships between Alumni.

There are over 15,000 living St. Ed’s Alumni, all with their own unique journeys after graduation. From new friends and families to hobbies and homes, there is a time after high school where change is constant. St. Ed’s has changed over the years as well, with new buildings, programs and stories to tell. One challenge facing St. Ed’s and its Alumni wanting to stay up to date is having accurate contact information. Whether the contact information is a phone number, email address or mailing address, St. Ed's and its Alumni do not always have the correct means to communicate due to change. This is where Class Ambassadors can step up in a big way.
St. Ed's will share information with Class Ambassadors from time to time to share with their corresponding class. When noteworthy information about the class comes to the Ambassador’s attention, we ask that they share it back with St. Ed's so we can appropriately share with our community at large. St. Ed’s recognizes that each class is different in the way that they prefer to communicate, and it is our hope that Ambassadors will have the most accurate temperature on the preferred method for their class. We have resources like Eagle Connect available to aid communication, but also know that some class years prefer sitting down with cold beverages to catch up.

St. Ed’s is grateful for the commitment of the below Class Ambassadors who have volunteered to help the flow of communication between the school and Alumni. For those class years without an Ambassador, we are seeking volunteers interested in reaching out to their classmates. If you have questions, feel free to contact Alumni Relations Manager Lorenzo Ritson '17 at or 216.227.2239.

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