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St. Edward High School's co-curricular programs allow for our students to apply what they are learning in the classroom in dynamic, practical, and fun ways.  These programs are built around teamwork and socialization and provide for our students and faculty a sense of belonging within our community.


Back in September 2018, Mr. Nick Kuhar and Mr. KC McKenna launched the Innovators' Lab, an extracurricular group that will provide students with fun, hands-on innovation projects to complete together throughout the school year. Our first year presented students with a tasty challenge: a year-long design cycle project centered around creating an ice cream flavor authentic to St. Edward High School. The stretch goal for this project will be to create a flavor unique and tasty enough to be sold through a local partner. 

"We're committed to teaching to the future every day, and the Innovators' Lab is another fun way we can model risk-taking, true collaboration and creative problem-solving alongside students," says Mr. Kuhar. "I love experimenting and failing, trying again, failing better and trying yet again. Getting to experiment and fail alongside students is so important. I want them to be thoughtful, use their intuition and have a plan, but ultimately, to not be afraid of failure." 


"As we continue to build on our culture of innovation and commitment to teaching to the future, we want to create as many opportunities as possible for students to create something new and have genuine design thinking experiences. Our goal is to have students utilize design thinking and expose them to opportunities that provide authentic exposure to the design cycle," says Mr. McKenna. "I'm looking forward to how creative students will get with this project and to see the ways in which they will take risks. Every ice cream starts with the same ingredients and it's pretty easy to make, but there are thousands of flavors, different quality levels, textures, etc. Our students will really need to think outside the box to create something that is unique and marketable at the same time. There's a lot of complexity in the simplicity of ice cream, and I think our students will really dive into those complexities."

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