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The College Credit Plus Program has been established to permit high school students to earn college and high school graduation credit through the successful completion of college courses.  The program is intended to provide expanded opportunities for appropriately qualified high school students to experience coursework at the college level.  College courses should supplement the broad academic preparation needed by high school students.  These courses would be in addition to AP and IB courses which also provide students with an opportunity to attain college credit.  Selected courses at St. Edward qualify as College Credit Plus courses and will earn credit towards both high school graduation and college credit.  

Courses can also be taken at the college/university.  These courses must be enrichment college courses and not remedial.  

Students must also meet the college admission criteria. 

Please note that students in non-public schools are not guaranteed funding through College Credit Plus.  However, if funding is not approved, families can still pay for the class for a nominal fee and will still receive college credit. 

Contact your school counselor for more details on how to apply. 

College Credit Plus course available at St. Edward High School: 


  • ENGL161 College Composition I (one semester; available to seniors)

  • ENGL255 Introduction to Fiction (one semester; available to seniors)


  • 650 Digital Control Systems 1 (one semester; available to sophomores, juniors, and seniors)

  • 651 Digital Control Systems 2 (one semester; available to sophomores, juniors, and seniors)

Fine Arts 

  • ARTS181 Ceramics I (two semesters; available to sophomores, juniors, and seniors; Beginning Pottery & Sculpture is prereq.) 

*All CCP Courses are indicated with a ^ on your son's course registration card

SEHS Nonpublic School Families College Credit Plus

CCP Funding Application Manual for Parents


SEHS Tri-C College Credit Plus 2019-2020

SEHS LCCC College Credit Plus 2019-2020

CCP Letter of Intent

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