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St. Ed's Data Science program is expanding from a one-year offering to a three-year designation. Students will get a complete understanding of one of the fastest growing career fields in the US today; the program will take a holistic approach, which includes a bottom up perspective as they learn how to turn data into information leading to conclusions and decision making. Students will also learn about how decision makers use the information to make decisions that drive the success of their businesses. Our goal is to prepare the student for college in the field of data science with the understand of not only to produce the information, but importantly, how to implement the information.


Students enrolled in the data science program will learn about current trends across a wide range of industries including; sports, science, business and healthcare as well as the opportunity to work with companies in these areas in a collaborative nature. This program also covers major topics including Data Collection and Management, Introduction to Computer Programming, and Data Analysis / Advanced Statistics. St. Ed's Data Science program provides students with a foundation for education beyond high school and employment in today's ever-changing job market.

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