Art and expression are essential tools to processing and interpreting our place in the world.


It is imperative that we encourage, uphold, and foster artistic expression at St. Edward High School as a way for our Eagles to capture details, to take artistic risks, and to enjoy using various mediums to express themselves.


Each year, St. Edward students produce a wide variety of art and only a fraction of that work is ultimately submitted to and printed in Flight Magazine, St. Edward's annual literary arts magazine.


The amount of artwork and writing that our students produce is astounding and it is the honor of Flight Magazine staff to curate a wide-range of works that represent the expression of all grade levels and artistic abilities.


Now, more than ever, it is time to celebrate the expression and voices of our students. For the first time in the rich 66 year history of Flight Magazine, Flight staff is proud to share a digital copy of Flight Magazine Volume 66 for the entire St. Edward community to enjoy.


We hope you enjoy this year's collection of art and writing and we are proud of all of the students who created works and took the risk of submitting their art and writing for consideration.


Thank you for supporting Flight Magazine and the arts at St. Edward High School! Please consider making a donation to Flight Magazine below to encourage art on campus and to help offset future production costs.