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International-mindedness is a ‘frame of mind’ and a philosophy for living. International mindedness empowers people through an ability to perceive the world in a manner that lessens focus on oneself while accentuating a greater sense of the others. International-mindedness means the ability to see an opportunity to both share in life and learn from other unique individuals and a fellow human beings.
The greater our individual differences, the more difficult such encounters are likely to be, but through an education rooted in open-mindedness these encounters can also be some of the most rewarding experiences we have.
In the wake of Pope Francis’ "Share The Journey" campaign, which aims to create a world that welcomes immigrants, refugees and migrants with dignity and respect, the St. Edward IB Film Higher Level seniors devoted much of their 2017 school year to the production of "Out Of The Garden": a short documentary about Syrian refugees who have resettled in Northeast Ohio.
From January to May of 2017, 23 International Baccalaureate Film students at St. Edward engaged in a rigorous process to document the refugee crisis as it pertained to Greater Cleveland; we participated in an extended survey of what makes for effective and ethical documentaries, researched the complex nature of the Syrian Civil War, and trained with digital video and audio equipment that would enable us to capture the stories of our resettled neighbors.

Produced, filmed and edited by Brendan Ours and Paul Schweibinz with translations by Mrs. Lisa Hardin, Chair of Language Acquisitions, "A Spark of Hope" gives you a look into the lives of Hondurans as witnessed by the Summer 2018 St. Ed's Honduras Mission Trip cohort.

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