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St. Edward High School's Football Kickoff Classic 2020 

Thank you all for making the Virtual Kickoff Classic 2020 a success!

Congratulations to the following basket and package winners of the Virtual Football Kickoff Classic 2020. 

Winners will be contacted. If you should wish to make contact, please advise Kathy Stuart at 440-864-3793 or to arrange pick-up. 

Basket Winners 

Cheryl Bergeon - We Bee-Long Together Bakset

Gary Bouch - Squeeze the Day Basket

Kelly Bova - Raising Canes Basket

Tim Devine - Golf Lover Basket

Michael Driscoll - Coffee Break Basket

Toni Filut - Mexican Madness Basket

Dani Kerekes - Football Y'all Basket

Michelle Lopez - St. Edward Fan Basket

Connie Massie - Love You to the Moon Basket

Brian McDonough - Kiss Me I'm Irish Basket

Donna Moran - Movie Night Basket

Kathleen Mulgrew - Eat, Drink, and Be Merry Basket 

Linda Munger - I Love My Dog Basket

Judi O’Malley - Martini Party Basket

Jacqueline Ragone - Sweet Treats Basket

Kerry Ramos - Eds Up Basket

Mary Scanlon - Rough Around Etches Basket

Bill Seymour - McG’s Pub Basket

Karen Spence - Taste of Italy Basket

Marni Tisza - Tito’s Vodka Basket

Quinceann Walton - Pamper Yourself Basket

Jody Wheaton - Board & Brush Basket

Mary Williams - Ohio State Basket

Tom Wohlber - St. Eds Mom Basket

Laura Wolverton - Red,White, Boom Basket

Package Winners 

Owen Baker - Lotto Package 

Cheryl Bergeon - Weekend Camping Package 

James Bostwick - Golf Package 

Mary Kay Cardarella - Eds Tailgate Package 

Kim Carr - Gold Booster Package 

Kristy Colburn - Patio Fun Package 

Lori Del Regno - Rack of Wine Package 

Jennifer Dettore - Wine Lovers Package 

Angela Evans - Fixer Upper Package 

Kathleen Fallon - Shuffleboard Package 

Christopher Fedor - E Wreath Package 

Chrissy Gribble - Fire Pit Package 

Chrissy Gribble - Bud Light Package 

Barbara James - Instant Pot Package 

Brian Lavelle - Booze Barrow Package 

Bob Lenart - Cleveland Rocks Package 

Eileen Hamm, Sean Gallagher, Donna Moran and Kim & Don Smith - Football Helmets Package 

Karen Miller - Yeti/Cornhole Package 

Kathleen Mulgrew - Notre Dame Helmet Package 

Katsie O’Neill - Poker Package

Lynette Reese - Lottery 2 Package 

Phillip Sampognaro - Car Care Package 

Vanessa Shultz - Crocker Park Package 

Kelly Soltis - Coach Set Package 

Richard C. Straub - Whiskey Lover Package 

Dave Stuart - Chainsaw Package 

Stacy Teter - Senior Framed Picture

Carl Zelinski - ACT/SAT Prep Package 

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