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Registration for the 2019 Recognition Dinner is closed.  

Please contact Colleen Kiely at or

216-221-3776 x259 with any questions. Thank you.

Event Details

Tuesday, May 14 

The Ritz-Carlton, Cleveland

1515 West Third Street

Cleveland, Ohio


Cocktails & Hors d'oeuvres at 5:30 p.m. 

Dinner at 6:15 p.m.

Complimentary Valet Parking

Business Attire

Eagle Sponsor - $1,000 (Table of 10 included, $250 tax deductible) 

Tickets are $75 per person. 

Please RSVP by Tuesday, April 30.


Please direct questions and special requests (food allergies and seating preferences) to:

Colleen Kiely at 216.221.3776 x259 or

2019 Recognition Dinner

at The Ritz-Carlton, Cleveland

Congratulations to the following 2019 recipients:

The Lifetime Achievement Award - Greg Urbas

The Lifetime Achievement Award is the most prestigious award given to a member of the St. Edward High School Community.  The award recognizes an individual who has made a significant commitment to excellence and service over multiple decades at St. Edward. 

Br. James A. Everett, C.S.C. Benefactor Award - Sean Hennessy '75

Presented annually to an individual, couple, family, corporation, or foundation that has provided substantial support to St. Edward High School. The award is attributed to Br. James Everett, C.S.C. who selflessly dedicated his life to the St. Edward Community. 


Alumnus of the Year Award - James F. Wallenhorst '74

The highest honor bestowed on a St. Edward Alumnus, this award is presented to a graduate who has achieved significant success in his primary field of endeavor, prominence in the community, and has made a lifelong commitment to the ideals of a Holy Cross education.

Bronze Eagle Award - Michael Joyce '70 

Recognizes a St. Edward graduate for his ongoing support and commitment to the ideals of a Holy Cross education over a significant number of years.


St. André Bessette, C.S.C. Award - Mai Schneider 

Presented annually to a volunteer who has shown an overwhelming commitment to St. Edward High School.


Br. Thomas Henning, C.S.C. Award - Geoff Morton

Recognizes a non-graduate who has demonstrated unselfish loyalty to St. Edward High School over a significant number of years and commitment to the ideals of a Holy Cross education. 


2018 Recognition Dinner Acceptance Speeches

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Robert L. Andrews '55

Francis A. Bruno '56

Kevin M. Byrne '67

Thomas A. Corrigan '53

Thomas J. Coury '78

John J. Curran '75

Thomas A. Cutter '60

John J. Donnelly '61

Paul P. Filippi '54

Rev. Timothy W. Gareau '78

George N. Gee '57

Daniel O. Geib '76

Thomas E. Glasenapp '66

Sean P. Hennessy '75

Vince Hvizda '58

Jack J. Kahl '58
David M. Konys '68
Gregg A. Lowe '80
Martin J. Marcellino '54
Jerry McKenna '56
Br. Jerome J. Meyer, C.S.C. '57

Raymond D. Meyo '60
Thomas J. Needham '60
John F. O'Brien '54
Terrence O'Donnell '64
Edward J. Ptacek '62
John T. Reali '54
William J. Reidy '58
Charles A. Rini '56
Br. James Spooner, C.S.C. '64

Rev. Richard V. Warner, C.S.C. '57


Tom & Margie Bodle

Toni Cappuccio

Karen and Jim Cocita '71
Maddy & Dan Coughlin '56

James Coutris
Sheila Gallagher
Bobbi & Bud Hallahan '67

Marcia Hanzal

Larry Jansen '70
Karen & Frank Jayne
Rita & John Karliak '56

Kathy Klimko

Br. Robert E. Lavelle, C.S.C. '58
Mary Sue McGorray
Patti & Paul J. Michalko

Bettina G. Nugent
Barb & Robert S. Ostrom '62

Vicki & Michael T. Quinn '72

Tari & John Rivera
Jan & Lawrence Wagner '73

Dennis J. Walsh '73
Sue & John P. Wilgus

Pam Wolf


Steven R. Barry
Lauren R. Beaudry
James R. Becherer
Paul R. Bosley
Betsy Bridge
Robert W. Burns

Daniel J. Cavoli
Richard Chunat
Br. Joseph J. Chvala, C.S.C.

James G. Cordiak

James Coutris

Richard Csongei
Br. James Everett, C.S.C.

John J. Ferchill
Br. Leo Geiger, C.S.C.
Br. Thomas R. Henning, C.S.C.

Michael W. Homza
James P. Kubacki
Joseph Lowe
Harry F. Marquardt
Br. David Martin, C.S.C.

Donald P. Murphy
Br. Bennet Nettleton, C.S.C.

James E. Nieberding
Bill & Joan Rawlings

Joseph Serraglio
Ted Shalek
Paul Stalter
Ruth V. Stopper
Rosemary Torrence
Thomas A. Tracy
Greg Urbas
Robert J. Whidden


Peg & Mike Cachat '66
Robert & Loretta Cleary Family

Thomas J. Coury '78
Thomas A. Cutter '60
Phillip J. Donahue '53

Br. James A. Everett, C.S.C.

R. Matthew Fairfield '84

Kathy and Nick Gonnella
Daniel J. Holland '54
Karen Huber
Jack J. Kahl '58
Donald & Arlene Keehan Family

Donna & Michael Lovas '64

Diana & Gregg Lowe '80
John F. O'Brien '54
Bill & Joan Rawlings and Family

Brothers of Holy Cross,

   Midwest Province
H.C.S. Foundation
Cavaliers Charities, a Fund of the

   McCormick Tribune Foundation



Joseph C. Agozzino '73

Daniel J. Andrews '86

R. C. Andrews '56

Robert L. Andrews '55

Jay T. Ansberry '67

Kevin Aylward '72

Thomas J. Becks '77

Joseph J. Brady '77

Mark W. Brennan '72

John J. Brennan '73

Brian J. Brennan '76

John Brindza '60

Joseph C. Burke '65

Russell R. Butchko '68

John P. Butler '54

Thomas J. Callahan '85

Michael J. Carlin '57

Michael A. Carlin '66

Daniel T. Clancy '55

Richard J. Clark '67

Edward T. Clarke '56

Timothy R. Cleary '67

David M. Cody '83

Thomas A. Corrigan '53

Robert J. Cosma '72

Daniel F. Coughlin '56

Timothy P. Coyne '87

John J. Curran '75

John E. Cvetic '82

Thomas P. DeChant '73

Thomas E. Deegan '72

Paul J. Del Vecchio '73

Daniel E. Donnelly '64

John J. Duffy '61

Gregory N. Elinsky '82

Donald J. English '68

Steven J. Famiano '71

Christopher T. Ferry '66

James J. Flannery '56

Eric J. Flannery '90

John D. Fox '75

James W. Fox '86

Jay F. Geib '75
Thomas T. George '75

Thomas D. Ginley '77

Thomas E. Glasenapp '66

John W. Glasstetter '64

John Goers '78
Thomas A. Guardi '56

Robert A. Hallahan '67

Brian M. Heffernan '78

John L. Heffernan '84

Thomas P. Holland '57

Ronald S. Hollo '64
Carl F. Hughes '75

Vincent C. Hvizda '58

Richard M. Ina '81

Kenneth W. Jackman '71

Wayne C. Kaltenbach '72

John S. Karliak '56

Thomas J. Kelley '55

Michael Kelly '66

James M. Kennedy '61

Vincent Ketterick '64
Brian M. King '62

John E. Kiczek '71
Gary A. Kleinhenz '65
Michael J. Kmetz '70
Thomas D. Kueller '79
Joseph W. Liss '65
Nassim Michael Lynch '71

Edward M. Mack '66
Charles F. MacMillan '57

James P. Marron '74
James M. Masterson '58

John F. McCaffrey '79

David M. McGuirk '70
Timothy M. Merriman '71
Br. Jerome J. Meyer, C.S.C. '57

Michael A. Minelli '58

Frederick T. Misfeldt '56

James E. Mulloy '64

David J. Murray '76
John P. Neubert '75
Kevin R. Novak '61
John O'Boyle '57
James M. O'Connor '74

Frank X. O'Grady '74

Thomas J. O'Linn '54

Francis M. O'Neil '56

Robert S. Ostrom '62

George B. Paydock '91

Diego M. Perez-Stable '70

Ronald A. Perger '72

Edward J. Ptacek '62

Michael T. Quinn '72

Robert J. Quinn '53

Matthew E. Rawlings '76

William J. Rieke '60

Dennis J. Roche '65 

Patrick F. Roche '68

John J. Russo '83

Mark T. Sammon '77

John R. Shaver '66

Joseph R. Silvestro '82

Gregory J. Soeder '66

Michael E. Stanek '77

Timothy J. Stanton '70

Terence X. Stanton '75

Donald C. Stark '65

Timothy A. Tabar '80

John B. Traczyk '55

John Tuleta '74

John A. Tutak '64
James J. Wagner '72

Lawrence Wagner '73

James F. Wallenhorst '74

Dennis J. Walsh '73

Francis J. Weir '55

Thomas J. Wilson '65

Roy A. Yurick '59

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