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Performing Arts Boosters is made up of parents of students from St. Edward, Saint Joseph Academy, and Magnificat high schools who participate in the performing arts at St. Ed’s.

Boosters support the performing arts in various ways. We host picnics and receptions after performing arts events, serve meals to students during extra-long rehearsals, sew costumes for the plays and, of course, participate in fundraising. The money we raise is used for things like band uniforms, new instruments, and meals for the kids. 


It’s not all work though. We sit together and cheer on the band at the football games and band competitions; in October or November we have a tailgate party before one of the band competitions; and every January we have a "parents only” party where we eat well and laugh a lot during a crazy white-elephant gift exchange. 


All parents of performing arts students are encouraged to join the Performing Arts Boosters. There are no fees to pay or forms to fill out to join; just show up at a meeting and we’ll find a way for you to be involved.

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