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Help off-set travel costs for St. Ed's Rowing team by participating in the various opportunities below! Thank you! 


Superbowl Squares - $2.50 per square 

Random squares will be assigned and numbers will be pulled once grid is complete.

Final grids will be sent as a text message to those participating. 

Q1 Squares Prize - $25

Q2 Squares Prize - $25

Q3 Squares Prize - $25

Final Score - $50

*Winner need not be present.

*Superbowl Square sales will be closed on February 10, 2023. 

Rowing Ergothon 

Rowers compete against their teammates to row the greatest distance over the course of an hour. The event will be held in the Palisin Commons on the evening of February 17 beginning at 6:30 p.m. In order to support our rowers, you can pledge one of the dollar amounts below to calculate your donation per minute rowed. 

Option 1: Pledge 10 cents per minute = $6.00 donation 

Option 2: Pledge 25 cents per minute = $15.00 donation 

Option 3: Pledge 50 cents per minute = $30.00 donation 

Option 4: Pledge 75 cents per minute = $45.00 donation 

Option 5: Pledge $1.00 per minute = $60 donation 

Team Donations

Consider making an additional team donation to help off-set travel costs for the season.

Team Donation Option 1: $25.00

Team Donation Option 2: $50.00

Team Donation Option 3: $75.00

Team Donation Option 4: $100.00

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