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St. Edward’s bell schedule puts learning on an innovative loop that never gets boring!

We kick off each day with an optional enrichment period, which allows for staggered arrival. Edsmen use this time to meet with teachers, complete homework, or even grab breakfast in the Rini Servery before their first class.


Students take seven courses, but only five meet per day. The schedule rotates throughout an entire semester, so learners rarely have the same class during the same time slot. Generous 60-minute periods allow for intensive instruction and project-based learning, while ample flex time encourages collaboration between teachers and students alike.

In keeping with our Holy Cross emphasis on relationships, the entire campus takes a break during Community Period. This time allows us to come together for lunch, extracurriculars, silly games out on the field, or just an impromptu hang out! Community Period is instrumental in building the warm and welcoming vibes that make St. Edward stand out!

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"Our class schedule feels more like a college schedule. I love having time during the day to hang out with friends."

- Daniel ‘24

"I like that every day I have a different class first thing in the morning. The rotations keep life interesting."

- Ted ‘27 


"Our schedule makes it easy to manage homework. I never feel rushed at school and my teachers are always around to help."

- Kevin ‘25

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