St. Edward High School Named 2016 Blue Ribbon School of Excellence

St. Edward Community,

I'm pleased to announce that today the U.S. Secretary of Education named St. Edward High School a 2016 National Blue Ribbon School! This achievement is the culmination of an application process that began over a year ago and featured participation by teachers and leaders in all areas of the school. The excellence represented, of course, goes back far much further and is woven into the fabric of who we are as a school community.

Recognizing St. Edward in the "Exemplary High Performing Schools" category, this award acknowledges not just outstanding academic achievement, but all of the facets of our school life, unified around our inspiring mission that shape our young people to have the competence to see and the courage to act as men of faith. St. Edward is the only Catholic high school in Ohio to earn the Blue Ribbon this year.

Below is the release with more information on this exciting announcement.

Thanks to all who have worked so hard to support our mission. This national recognition is truly a cause to celebrate!


Dr. Frank O'Linn