Best of the Week 2018-2019: Teaching to the Future


On Tuesday, St. Edward High School hosted its first "Ideas Taking Flight" Day of Innovation. The day was entirely dedicated to nine successful innovators, eight of whom are St. Edward alums, who spoke to the entire student body, faculty and staff members about their passions, challenges and drive to affect change through their professions. All speakers emphasized the importance of leadership, innovation, creativity and communication and preached about how our students of today are the future and how they have the power to change the world. Check out a recap video of the "Ideas Taking Flight" Day of Innovation, created by Director of Innovation Mr. Nicholas Kuhar, by clicking here!

St. Edward's "Ideas Taking Flight" speakers included (from left to right) Mr. Kevin Krueger '90, Principal and Creative Director for Multiple, Inc., a strategic design firm that works to create brand and corporate communications; Mr. Bill Leimkuehler '01, co-founder of Biolectrics, which is developing a medical device called OraFlow to treat advanced forms of gum disease, known as periodontal disease; Mr. Jim Riley '84, President of Full Cycle Organics, an environmentally responsible business specializing in food waste composting and compost sales; Mr. Michael Carroll '09, Senior Program Manager on Growth for Convoy, a startup company that designed and implemented an app to scale full truckload brokering between shippers and carriers; Mr. Kurt Rote '01, co-founder of Western Oncolytics Ltd., a biotech startup developing oncolytic virus immunotherapy for cancer; Mr. Jonathan Lacoste '11, co-founder and President of Jebbit, a 55-person enterprise software company in the digital marketing and consumer data space; Mr. Tim Needles '78, President and CEO of Onix Networking Corp., a leading cloud solutions provider based in Lakewood, Ohio; Mr. Keven Lenahan '11, Electrical and Avionics Engineer for Virgin Galactic; and (not photographed) Dr. William H. Morris, Senior Medical Director for Cleveland Clinic Innovations.

"Over the course of the day, as I moved from presentation to presentation, recording with a small crew of IB Film seniors, I found that a common theme emerged. In addition to discussing their journeys to success, all of the speakers talked candidly about their deepest fears and failures as entrepreneurs, and that candor helped our students grasp the winding, uncertain, scary realities of entrepreneurship and innovation," says Mr. Kuhar, Director of Innovation. "Innovation can seem like such a glittering lure to young makers and dreamers, and it was so important for our Eagles to hear, first-hand, how these now-successful, full-speed-ahead innovators encounter limitations on a daily basis and continue to have their mettle tested in dramatic ways, and yet, find inspiration and energy to keep taking that next critical step moving forward. Several of our keynote speakers also tied their presentations back to a key pillar of our school: Servant Leadership. Having found their footing in their fields,