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Best of the Week 2018-2019: Holy Cross Values


Simon Factora, a third grader from St. Albert the Great School in North Royalton, recently underwent major medical testing to determine whether or not he had a possible brain bleed or tumor. Simon, who has always dreamed of becoming a future Eagle and playing on St. Ed's hockey team, had been suffering from severe headaches for weeks. His parents reached out to St. Ed's asking for prayers for their son while awaiting his test results. Several St. Ed's Theology classes set aside extra time during class for prayer specifically for Simon, courtesy of Theology teacher Mr. Michael Yako who also serves as Simon's Cub Scout Den Leader. Eagles hockey player Tanyon Bajzer '21 (photographed left) rose above and beyond the call to prayer and created a care package for Simon filled with St. Ed's gear, including a varsity hockey jersey and the puck from his very first career goal at St. Ed's, to lift Simon's spirits during this difficult time. "This expression of empathy and compassion completely took us by surprise and touched us," says Mr. Ronan Factora. "How could someone who only heard about Simon's case second-hand show so much caring? This is the type of person that makes this world an easier place to live for those who are suffering."

"I remember being a young boy who also aspired to be a St. Ed's hockey player and I felt that a care package would help Simon get through any hard times he may have to face," says Tanyon. "Simon is someone who needed to know that others cared for him and would be praying for him and I wanted him to know that a player who is part of the hockey team that he dreams of playing for someday was thinking about him too. I hoped that my care package would provide Simon with a sense of hope and courage to face whatever he needed to and to keep him strong both physically and mentally."

"Tanyon's work off the ice is as impressive as what he accomplishes on the ice. We are proud to call him a teammate," says St. Ed's Hockey Coach Troy Gray '86. "Tanyon's act of touching a young heart should warm all of our hearts this Christmas season," says Principal James Reed. Tanyon's act of kindness is a true reflection of our Holy Cross values by going the extra mile to show compassion for others. "It is important to live out our Holy Cross values outside of St. Ed's because it represents the way our founding fathers wanted their students to live out their beliefs and traditions," says Tanyon. "At St. Ed's, I have been able to better understand how to connect my faith in my everyday life. In my opinion, actions speak louder than words because you can say anything you want to someone, but when you take the time to actually do something for that person, it really shows them that you care. I hope that my fellow Edsmen will see that acting on your faith can inspire and touch the lives of others, even those you may not know."

Thankfully Simon's MRI test results came back normal and he is currently being treated for daily chronic headaches. Simon, pictured on the right wearing the varsity jersey gifted to him by Tanyon, was cleared by neurologists to start skating again. He will pick up playing hockey again in January. Simon's family is extremely thankful for the prayers from the St. Edward community, especially Tanyon's sincere act of kindness. "The thoughtfulness and compassion Tanyon showed our son will never be forgotten. He made a very difficult time more bearable and we are deeply touched," says Mrs. Debbie Factora. In the words of Mr. Factora, the actions of the St. Ed's community "are a testament to the power of prayer and simple kindness and give more reason for Simon to, one day, fly like an Eagle."

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