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Best of the Week 2018-2019: Excellence in College Prep



Laurenzo Williams '21 was in the middle of wrestling during a St. Ed's wrestling practice last week when he unexpectedly had a seizure. After the seizure, which lasted around two minutes, Head Wrestling Coach John Heffernan '84 noticed that Laurenzo's physical state appeared to be getting worse and immediately asked Coach Greg Urbas, who was standing nearby, to call 911. Coach Heffernan delegated further, making sure the wrestling coaches who were present retrieved Laurenzo's medical history papers and dismissed all wrestlers from the room. "I watched as Laurenzo got worse and his breathing appeared to be very labored," says Coach Heffernan. "I then began to perform CPR." Director of Strength and Conditioning Coach Augie Promersberger brought an AED into the room and assisted Coach Heffernan in tearing Laurenzo's shirt in order to place the AED pads directly onto his chest. "Once the pads were properly placed on Laurenzo's chest, Coach Mark Jayne pressed the analyze button. The AED advised a shock and I then told Coach Jayne to go ahead and press the shock button. After Laurenzo was shocked, I continued to do CPR until the Lakewood paramedics arrived," says Coach Heffernan.

The whole incident lasted around ten minutes with Wrestling Coaches John Heffernan, Greg Urbas, Augie Promersberger, Mark Jayne '00, Shaun Kinley, Gus Sako '10 and Brian Heffernan '78 all having a role in saving Laurenzo's life. "I was glad to have a role in helping Laurenzo in his time of need," says Coach Heffernan. Laurenzo was immediately rushed to the hospital from the scene and doctors discovered an undetected heart condition that caused him to go into cardiac arrest. Laurenzo has been treated and discharged from the hospital and is now in full recovery at home and will return to St. Ed's soon. Click HERE to read Fox 8's story on Laurenzo and how he's doing after the incident.

All students at St. Ed's are required to take a Health course, taught by Coach Jayne, in which they learn about physical, emotional and mental wellness, health and safety procedures and become certified in CPR, AED and first aid training. Through our Health curriculum, students at St. Ed's are always prepared to help at a moment's notice in case of emergency. "CPR and AED use is a critical skill for all to learn," says Coach Heffernan. "I was lucky enough to have gone through this several times as a firefighter. It is important to stay calm and follow your training. It can be a lifesaving skill that anyone can do." Click HERE to read Fox 8's story covering St. Ed's emphasis on CPR and AED training. Thanks to all our certified wrestling coaches, they proved to our students that proper training and certification in health and safety procedures really can make a difference in saving someone's life.

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