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Best of the Week 2018-2019: Holy Cross Values


Students, faculty and staff at St. Ed's have really gotten into the Christmas spirit this week. In anticipation for the upcoming holiday break, students have been participating in fun activities including Christmas trivia, Elf on the Shelf, the second annual Reindeer Games outside on the front lawn and handing out Christmas treats and sweets to their fellow Edsmen. Thanks to the Concert Band and Jazz Combo, live Christmas music has been played through the halls to spread Christmas cheer to all and students have been able to wear their favorite Christmas attire from ugly Christmas sweaters, festive holiday suits and Santa hats. Earlier this month, senior members of the Cross and Anchors Society spent the first Sunday of Advent decking the halls and putting up holiday decorations including Christmas trees, holiday lights, banners, ribbons and bows all over the school. "Every member of our Cross and Anchors Society was involved in some aspect of bringing the Christmas cheer to St. Edward High School," says Dean of Student Life & Leadership Mr. Dan Mackin '04. "Everything from the Christmas decorations, music, games and treats was planned and executed by our senior leadership group. The Christmas spirit has definitely been vibrant at St. Ed's this year!" "For me, watching the students plan different activities for Christmas has been heart warming to witness their desire to create a feeling of brotherhood and joy this time of year," says Campus Minister Ms. Cari White. "We talk about brotherhood a lot, and how important it is for our students, but to see it being brought to life is a truly inspiring thing."

In addition to participating in the fun that the holiday season brings, students have also taken the time to make sure they give back to those less fortunate this time of year. "I always love this time of year at St. Ed's. The building just has a different feel to it. The decorations, the music, the games, activities and the Giving Tree set up in the hallway are all reminders that Christmas is fast approaching and it's wonderful to see how our students embrace this as a time to give to others," says VP of Mission Effectiveness Mr. Liam Haggerty '02. Students have continued the St. Ed's annual tradition of the Giving Tree and will also continue taking part in service opportunities including the Br. Andre's Place Food Pantry, Labre Ministry and the St. Edward Community Meal over Christmas break. "Although we serve and help others all year round, I think Advent and Christmas brings about a greater awareness for those most vulnerable and those who are underserved," says Director of Service and Outreach Mr. Rick Kubrak '07. "At Christmastime, as people of faith, we think of Christ being born in a stable with no room for him and his family in the inn at Bethlehem. We must see Christ in those who are most vulnerable and trying to bring them comfort like the wise men who came bearing gifts to the Holy Family." During the Christmas season, our Edsmen go above and beyond to live out their Holy Cross Values through the joy that they bring to others to celebrate this time of year.

For those who would like to participate in St. Ed's service opportunities over the holiday, please click on one of the links below:

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