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Best of the Week 2018-2019: Holy Cross Values


On Wednesday morning, St. Ed's welcomed Bishop Nelson Perez as our celebrant for the first all-school Mass of the new year. Bishop Perez gave a powerful homily rooted in the importance of heart. He acknowledged the earlier life of Br. Andre Bessette, who wasn't a scholar, was small in might, and who wasn't necessarily considered successful during his time. Br. Andre wasn't bright enough to become a priest but was accepted into the Brothers of Holy Cross where he was given simple, menial work. Despite given little tasks, Br. Andre did them with a lot of heart and proved that even the smallest things can become powerful when done with great love. Bishop Perez reminded the St. Ed's community that God oftentimes shows great, powerful love through small gestures. Bishop Perez shared that when he was about to be ordained as a priest, he doubted his vocation until an elderly woman approached him, kissed his hands and told him that she needed him to be a priest. Bishop Perez explained how this stranger's act of kindness wiped away his self-doubt. He implored the St. Ed's community to not underestimate small acts of love and kindness since they can help other people find refuge.

St. Edward High School not only encourages students to celebrate their faith, but to put it into action. Bishop Perez emphasized how daily acts of kindness and small gestures done with a lot of heart can strengthen our relationships with each other and with God. "Bishop Perez's homily, talking about the impact of smalls acts, so perfectly reflected the life of Br. Andre, the first Holy Cross Saint. After hearing his message, our students could better recognize how even the simple ways they treat each other with respect, kindness and care can make a difference, even it it's not always known," says Campus Minster Ms. Cari White. "Having the honor of hosting the Bishop at St. Ed's provided our students with a chance to talk to and interact with a leader in our Church right here." Bishop Perez spent the remainder of the morning touring St. Ed's campus, having lunch with a group of Edsmen, watching a performance from St. Ed's Trash Talkers and filming a prayer video with a few Student Ministers.

"It was such a pleasure hosting Bishop Perez this week, especially having him celebrate the Eucharist with us," says President Jim Kubacki. "His homily was personal and real as he pointed out the power of the little things; how a little comment, a little kindness and a little gesture often carries great power. He used a poignant example from a critical time in his own discernment to the priesthood. He was incredibly engaging and wanted to learn as much as he could about the great work going on at St. Ed's. He thoroughly enjoyed interacting with our students. It was a special day for the St. Edward community."

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