Best of the Week 2018-2019: Excellence in College Prep


On Wednesday evening, three Edsmen had the opportunity to attend the Cleveland Committee on World Affairs' Dinner and Dialogue at The Union Club in downtown Cleveland, which focused on exploring Russia's role in the Middle East. The Cleveland Council on World Affairs offers the Explore World Affairs Over Dinner and Dialogue series for guests to engage in informed discussions about world affairs and to interact with top experts and diplomats from the Cleveland Committee on Foreign Relations. The series' dinner discussion forum encourages engagement and understanding of today's international economic, political and social issues and extends a rare opportunity for guests to have candid conversations with experts on these subjects.

Accompanied by Director of International Programs Mr. Michael Perrins, Connor Stanton '21, Adam Pulizzi '21 and Logan Sindone '20 were able to network and participate in table discussions with fellow guests and professionals and listened to event speaker Ms. Anna Borshchevskaya (pictured above), the Ira Weiner Fellow at the Washington Institute for Near East Policy. Ms. Borshchevskaya spoke about Russia's policy towards the Middle East and suggested that Putin's intervention in Syria wasn't a coincidence, but a plan that was years in the making. In addition, Ms. Borshchevskaya discussed Russia's strategic goals across the Middle East and Putin's relations with Iran, Israel, Egypt and North Africa. "Ms. Borshchevskaya gave interesting and thought-provoking analyses and insight into a broader philosophical, historical and political understanding both of the Russian psyche and its political system, outreach and relationships with other countries and regions," says Mr. Perrins. "The event as a whole helped to enhance our students' ability to develop understanding of global awareness and international events and to appreciate some of the background work that goes into the 'bigger picture' of the United States' position with the rest of the world."

"This experience showed me what it's like to see international and foreign relations discussed at the real-world level. To hear about current issues in our world from international professionals truly shows us much more about what is happening in the world," says Adam. "Geopolitical events like the CCWA's Dinner and Dialogue allow me to learn from diplomats and influential figures, become more understanding of the state of the world, and share in conversation with others who like discussing the political world," says Connor. "Learning about international relations outside of the classroom gave us a more personal understanding on where countries lie on the international level and firsthand knowledge from men and women who have personally been involved in the economic, political and social issues involved with these countries," says Logan. Mr. Perrins intends to take more Edsmen and St. Ed's Model UN members to upcoming Dinner and Dialogue events this semester.