Best of the Week 2018-2019: Excellence in College Prep


Congratulations to Josh Kerekes '21 (left) and Dominic Ialacci '19 (right) whose works from their fall Creative Writing course, taught by Film and English teacher Ms. Lydia Munnell, were selected to be published in the Lake Erie Ink's 2019 Teen Book Project: Illusions and Reality. This anthology, produced by Belt Magazine, will feature works from 6th-12th graders throughout Northeast Ohio. Josh's short story, "Ten Years Ago," and Dominic's poem, "Crash," will be featured among other works of poetry, fiction, non-fiction and art that focus around the theme of illusions and reality.

Josh's short story drew inspiration from the video game Red Dead Redemption 2. "The theme for my piece was to tell a story that makes you remember another story or another time in your life," says Josh. "My first draft just told the story as I thought of it, but when I revised it, I was able to play around with the storytelling more to make it a better and more interesting story. Throughout the Creative Writing course, I learned different ways to tell a story and blend things together so the reader can visualize the story and picture it in their heads."

Here is an excerpt from Josh's short story, "Ten Years Ago":

We slowly went through the forest. The sun was now up in the sky high enough it lights up the trees. We were looking through the forest. Birds chirped in the early morning. The leaves glistened from the light of the sun and water rippled in the river nearby.

"Father, there is nothing here," he said.

"Patience my boy, animals will come," I said. "Let us climb up the hill and go look at the rest of the valley, come," I told Dutch.

We got to the top of the hill and saw the beautiful forest. I was looking around when I saw a fire in the distance. I thought about that night. The night