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Best of the Week 2019-2020: Holy Cross Values


Today, St. Ed's is hosting a blood drive through the American Red Cross in honor of Michael "Mikey" George '21 who passed away from leukemia last school year. During his fight against cancer, Mikey received over 500 pints of blood. The George family turned to the St. Ed's community to help in their efforts in donating 500 pints of blood to those in need of lifesaving blood donations, paying it forward as thanks to the generous donors who helped Mikey along the way. "The Mikey George Memorial Blood Drive is an opportunity to celebrate the life-giving spirit that Mikey shared with us. We are answering the call to serve others by providing much needed blood to those in need, just as Mikey benefited from the generosity of so many unknown blood donors during his battle with leukemia," says President Jim Kubacki.

"We will never forget Mikey. He was a shining light in our community and I had the opportunity to work with him on service projects where he directly helped and served others," says Mr. Rick Kubrak '07, Director of Service and Outreach. "Our students have been so supportive of the blood drive and have eagerly signed up to either donate blood or to help in any way they can to honor Mikey. This year's school theme, 'Go and Do Likewise,' is lived out through our students' efforts in paying it forward in memory of Mikey. This blood drive is also an opportunity to recognize that there are people in our community who need our help. Like the story of the Good Samaritan, we cannot pass idly by and not help the person on the side of the road who needs our help. Students are answering the call to take action by donating blood to save local lives."

"The Mikey George Memorial Blood Drive directly impacts those who suffer from the same disease that took Mikey from us. Blood donations are used for transfusions and those transfusions gave us more precious time with our guy Mikey," says Mrs. Renee Zorger, Director of the St. Andre's Scholars Program. "When Mikey was here, we often did service projects as a class and he loved doing that work. He fully embraced the idea of 'Go and Do Likewise,' trying to find ways to help those less fortunate. Mikey got this desire of helping others from his family. The George family is one of doers. They do not sit back and wait but want to be doing something to help others. When people are fighting cancer, loved ones feel helpless. There is so much out of our control but giving blood is something we CAN do. We are called to 'Go and Do Likewise' and donating blood is an actionable step in helping those who are battling leukemia and others in need of blood."

Thank you to all students, faculty, staff and community members who have contributed to and helped with the Mikey George Blood Drive today. As we live out our "Go and Do Likewise" theme, we remember and celebrate the life of Mikey George.

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