Best of the Week 2019-2020: Holy Cross Values


In one of the stained glass windows in St. Ed's Holy Family Chapel, St. Joseph, the patron of the Brothers of Holy Cross, is shown training a teenage Jesus at a carpentry bench. St. Joseph serves as a model of holiness of human labor and exemplifies the dignity of human work. St. Joseph's trade lives on through the members of St. Ed's facilities, maintenance and custodial staffs. Their dedication, hard work, and service to the St. Edward community mimics the spirit and care of St. Joseph. "It's his act of humility and service that is most often talked about when referring to St. Joseph. Our facilities, maintenance and custodial staffs take care of the things on our campus that are essential to our operation but are often not talked about and perhaps not even noticed," says Campus Minister Ms. Cari White. "These men insure we have a clean, safe and secure learning environment that allows everyone to do their job better. Much like St. Joseph did whatever was needed to take care of Mary and Jesus, our facilities, maintenance and custodial staffs always go the extra mile to make sure everyone else is able to do their jobs at the highest level possible. We are so grateful for all the work they do."

On Wednesday, the St. Edward Community celebrated the work of our facilities, maintenance and custodial staffs for National Custodial Worker's Recognition Day. The St. Edward Community rallied together to thank Associate VP of Buildings and Grounds Mr. John Goers '78, Maintenance Supervisor Mr. Paul Stalter, Custodial Services and Event Coordinator Supervisor Mr. Nathan Hardin, Maintenance Assistant and Head Groundskeeper Mr. John Tanzer '04, Day Shift Custodial Supervisor Mr. Dave Waters, Day Shift Custodian Mr. Gary Sadlon, Day Shift Custodian and Events Assistant Mr. Corey Farr '12, Evening Shift Custodial Supervisor Mr. Ed Millet, and Evening Shift Custodians Mr. Tim Thomas, Mr. Ed Arrowood, Mr. Dave Soeder and Mr. Hector Alamo for their dedication to St. Ed's. In addition to providing food for both our daytime and evening staffs, the Cross and Anchors Society took the time to individually write thank you cards and notes of gratitude to all of our facilities, maintenance and custodial employees. "From opening the building and fixing things throughout the day to cleaning and locking up every night, these are the guys that make St. Ed's run," says Mr. Goers. "Our facilities, maintenance and custodial staffs are incredible. We are faced with some very tough challenges on a daily basis. We take great pride in keeping a 70-year-old building running. Maintaining this building's 250,000 square feet, occupied by over 1,000 people each day, is an amazing feat. Every day, when I walk into the building, I feel the energy from the faculty, staff and students and it's very gratifying to me. This all wouldn't be possible without our amazing staff."

"Our staff completes various tasks around the school and they take pride in their work and being part of this community," says Mr. Hardin. "They work together as a team, they all come from different areas of expertise to help serve our school and they go above and beyond to help wherever needed." "The most enjoyable part of working here are the friendships I have formed," says Mr. Stalter. "Everyone is very talented and brings a lot to the table." Thank you to all members of St. Ed's facilities, maintenanc