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Best of the Week 2019-2020: Excellence in College Prep


Last Friday, SETV crew members ran a social media takeover for Fox 8 for their new local high school TV news segment with clips and photos of SETV production and activities happening around St. Ed's. A while ago, Fox 8 posted on Facebook a call to all Cleveland high school TV news crews to participate in a social media takeover. After speaking with Fox 8's web editors and submitting samples of SETV's productions, Film Department Chair Ms. Lydia Munnell received word that SETV would be Fox 8's first-ever high school to run their social media takeover. "They really liked the work our students have been doing and they'll be allowing other local high schools to do the same, but we got to be the first," says Ms. Munnell.

SETV crew shot three minute-long Facebook live segments of SETV's News Desk by Bryan Cundiff '20, Man on the Street by Seamus Cochran '20 and a special tailgate food report by Nicholas Zangas '20 in the lobby of the Ken Layden '80 Center for Entrepreneurial Solutions in the Lowe Institute for Innovation. "The students pitched in, wrote questions, practiced their segments, and when the day came, they shot the segment like a well-oiled machine," says Ms. Munnell. These live segments, filmed as a one-shot take, were broadcast through Fox 8's Facebook Live for their audiences to see SETV production in action and ask students questions in the moment. "This was a surreal experience for us to be on display for a much larger audience. Broadcasting to an audience from all over Ohio was something I'll never forget," says SETV crew member Richard Perrins '20. "The Fox 8 crew stood back and really let us do our own thing. St. Edward students are doing some fascinating things, both in school and in extracurriculars, and I felt it was important for us to share that through Fox 8's social media platforms." "It was great working with crew members from Fox 8," says Matthew Shanahan '20. "They showed me and members of the SETV news team a teleprompter app we could use right on our phone. It was a unique experience getting advice and professional perspective from those who directly work for the news." Click here to watch SETV's live news broadcast on Fox 8.

Throughout the day, SETV crew members posted photos and videos to Fox 8's Instagram feed, providing background information about SETV and how St. Ed's award-winning Film department encourages students to use technology to share their stories with the community. "Fox 8 featured multiple posts that our students shot and captured to give them some legitimate air-time," says Ms. Munnell. Click here to see some of SETV's Instagram posts on Fox 8's Instagram feed. In the afternoon, SETV filmed clips from St. Ed's rally in preparation for Saturday night's football game against Saint Ignatius High School. Crew members posted highlights from the rally to Fox 8's Instagram stories to get audiences fired up and cheering for the green and gold. "When we talked about scheduling, I immediately thought Friday with our all-school rally would be the perfect day to feature life at St. Ed's. The rally was a great final piece to capture the hype of our community for the St. Ed's versus Saint Ignatius game," says Ms. Munnell. "Overall, our SETV crew did a great job. This was a chance to practice live broadcasting skills thanks to Fox 8."

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