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Best of the Week 2019-2020: Holy Cross Values



Attending a St. Ed's Open House is one of the most effective ways to learn about the people and programs that make St. Edward High School such an exceptional place to learn and grow. Open Houses are more than just a tour of the school - they are interactive experiences that highlight our academic, athletic, arts and extracurricular programs and provide families the chance to witness our Holy Cross hospitality and meet our faculty, staff and students. Our Holy Cross values are at the heart of the sense of belonging that every member of the St. Ed's community experiences and cherishes and the Open House is one of the best opportunities for our community to showcase how we live out our Holy Cross values. Members of our faculty, staff and administration shared their thoughts and perspectives about St. Ed's Open Houses this fall:

"Our Holy Cross hospitality, faith and excellence were on full display in everything we showed at our Open Houses," says Associate Dean of Student Life & Leadership Mr. Matt Wallenhorst '05. "It was a great experience to talk about St. Ed's culture and highlight how St. Ed's is an innovative school that continues to work hard for their sons so they can succeed in their endeavors and become better men throughout the process."

"Our faculty and staff members and our students exude our warmth, welcome and hospitality at our Open Houses," says President Jim Kubacki. "I love the energy, pride and passion that we share with our visiting families. I always hear enthusiastic comments from our prospective families as they leave each Open House."

"I love the energy of Open House. That energy, coupled with our St. Edward Holy Cross hospitality, brings the best of our school into focus. Our values are our staple and the vitality and genuineness of St. Ed's during Open Houses are the genuine spirit of our mission," says Dean of Students Mr. Mark Urban.

"I really enjoyed talking to prospective families, seeing them smile and hearing how impressed they were by how welcoming St. Ed's community is," says Associate Dean of Students Mr. Tim Sullivan '92. "I continue to hear from prospective families that St. Ed's is an amazing place that keeps pushing the envelope on innovation."

"My favorite part of Open House was watching students dig into our Air Force 1 design challenge as part of our International Baccalaureate walkthrough," says Associate Dean of Academics and IB Coordinator Mr. Nick Kuhar. "Nearly 100 students sat down in our Layden Center to design a 'colorway' for Nike's iconic Air Force 1 sneaker. This experience emphasized how St. Ed's spirit, as an IB school, is one of action, creativity and taking risks. It's so powerful to set up a challenge and let young makers have at it and I hope we demonstrated that St. Ed's is a place that already believes in them and that we can't wait to see what they'll come up with."

"St. Ed's offers programs focused on academics, leadership and faith that all prompt student growth. Being able to show prospective students and their families how family-oriented our community is and how dedicated we are to our programming communicates our commitment to our students' success," says Associate Dean of Student Support Services Mr. Matt Altieri '05.

"At Open House, I think that we as a school truly show what we have to offer and how our community really rallies around each other," says Engineering Department Chair Mr. JC Froelich '08. "My goal at each Open House is to make families feel like they already are a part of our community, even if they are a few years away from attending high school."

"I gave tours for the first time this year and was really impressed by our amazing departments and learned so much about the experiences they provide our prospective students and families. It was really fun to see the school through a different lens and each member of our community was genuinely interested in meeting our guests," says Social Studies teacher Mrs. Mary Kate Hermann. "St. Ed's does a great job demonstrating our hospitality every day but especially during Open House. Our departments not only demonstrate how they prepare students for college but also how they encourage students to think and create within their disciplines. Open Houses allow our community to share all the wonderful offerings at St. Ed's and the exciting opportunities for our students to explore."

"The hospitality and sense of belonging in our community is second to none," says Theology teacher Mr. Michael Yako. "Having the opportunity to give a family tour at Open House really allowed me to see the exciting and innovative work that all of our departments are doing at St. Ed's. I truly believe that St. Ed's is a community where each student can find his own identity while positively impacting the growth of others. In the words of the founder of Holy Cross, Blessed Fr. Basil Moreau, C.S.C., 'the mind will not be cultivated at the expense of the heart.'"

Thank you to our faculty, staff and students who contributed to the success of St. Ed's Fall Open Houses this year and for providing a Holy Cross welcome to our prospective students, families and friends.

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