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Best of the Week 2019-2020: Excellence in College Prep


St. Ed's Model UN is a unique, interactive experience that encourages students to learn more about the United Nations and international affairs, how to problem-solve to come up with resolutions to world issues, and to achieve global learning by participating in collaborative research, debates and conferences. This week, members of St. Ed's Model UN attended the two-day Cleveland Council on World Affairs Autumn Conference at Case Western Reserve University. Following a specific format, CCWA Model UN conferences require delegates to conduct prior research on agenda topics in order to prepare a position paper, which is submitted two weeks before the conference. At the conferences themselves, delegates get to debate during short, timed sessions, adding pressure for delegates to deliver their argument quickly and concisely. During this week's conference, members of St. Ed's Model UN were spread across many committees, delegating on topics including "Disarmament and International Security," "Refugees," "Human Rights," "Children's Rights," "World Health Organization," "The Environment," and the "UN Security Council." With over 500 students in attendance from schools across Northeast Ohio, this week's conference provided our Edsmen with opportunities to network, gain exposure and discuss global topics with fellow peers and professionals.

"Model UN is a great way to travel, meet new people, and develop your social skills. I love keeping up on current issues and politics in general, but I also like to debate and Model UN is the perfect fit," says Andrew Klare '21. "I really enjoyed attending this week's conference. I learned a lot of interesting information about other countries and the United Nations that I didn't know, but my biggest takeaway was learning how to work and make friends with complete strangers. These skills are something that will last with you your whole life."

"I love public speaking, in general, but I love Model UN because of the people I get to meet," says Aris Dashiell '21. "The way you can incorporate different ideas and represent different countries is the main reason I love being a part of Model UN so much. It seems like a lot of work, but in reality, we care about developing professional, well-rounded students."

"I enjoyed working together with my fellow delegates and classmates to come up with meaningful solutions to problems that actually face the world today," says William Perrins '23. "You really feel like you are making a difference in the world at these conferences."

"Model UN skill sets are immeasurable in terms of the intersectional activity they encompass and promote," says Director of International Programs and Model UN moderator Mr. Michael Perrins. "Model UN members develop a hands-on global awareness about pressing issues and are able to look outward while appreciating inner strengths and understanding both personally and in a wider sense. Attending Model UN conferences like these builds experience and expertise in a staged way of 'learning by doing.' Building self-confidence to stand up and speak to such a large audience comes from experience. This is the key to Model UN - it works step by step."

Congratulations to Aris Dashiell '21 and Eric Vaziri '23, who won the Superior Delegation Award for representing France in the World Health Organization, and to all Model UN members who represented St. Ed's at this week's CCWA Model UN Conference at Case Western Reserve University.

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