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Best of the Week 2019-2020: Teaching to the Future


Since the beginning of the semester, Mr. Bob Schenosky's Entrepreneurship class has been working on creating their own products and sales pitches for the end-of-semester Layden Entrepreneurship Contest to determine the winning product idea. "The goal of the project is to help the students understand innovation in a business context," says Mr. Schenosky. "There are a multitude of factors involved in the process of this assignment. However, students had to first challenge themselves in identifying an opportunity where currently only a problem exists." Judged by fellow faculty members and students, each Entrepreneurship student pitched his idea for a cutting-edge product that could benefit and improve everyday life for consumers.

Bryce Madden '22 created the "Super Bag," a product that separates reusable shopping bags to make the grocery shopping experience easier and more economically friendly as many local grocery stores are limiting the use of plastic bags. Alex Massier '21 designed Robo-Pruner, a high tech tool that utilizes hydraulics and robotics to prune trees, an essential process in maintaining the health of trees. Kevin Greer '21 created "Fix Stick," a superglue-like substance that instantly fills the cracks and split of a hockey stick that dries in seconds allowing players to get back on the ice and keep playing. Hayden Mueller '22 created an insulated lunchbox that, like a Yeti, could keep food cold for hours, but could also convert into a microwavable container, creating a more convenient and compact way to pack lunch without having to pack additional Tupperware or ice packs. John Shultz '22 invented Lake Erie Food Delivery system, complete with its own app and reward system, that would deliver food from local restaurants and eateries directly to docked boats along Lake Erie. "We are fortunate enough to not only have an excellent Entrepreneurship program, but to also have such a great teacher like Mr. Schenosky," says Bryce Madden. "With him, we're not just learning something out of a book and taking notes, we're getting up and practicing examples, creating products, testing our abilities and getting over our fears."

"Students have learned the basics of innovation, how to use tools such as Lean Canvas and SWOT analysis, and key aspects of business including accounting, ethics, legal structures, and business economics, thus teaching them that there are many tools to drive success in business," says Mr. Schenosky. "Some of the students' products, apps and website pitches could prove viable, but in any event, their creativity and ideas have been amazing. They have expanded their critical thinking skills and have implemented other skills they've learned through additional courses like web design and app technology. It has been such a positive experience to watch my students' confidence levels grow and how proud they are of what they have been able to accomplish." Winners of the Layden Entrepreneurship contest will be announced next week and will receive a cash prize as well. This contest will also be held again in May for second semester students and plans are in the works for students to enter their product ideas and creations into entrepreneurship contests outside of St. Edward High School.

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