Best of the Week 2019-2020: Holy Cross Values


This week, St. Ed's celebrates Catholic Schools Week, a national, annual celebration of Catholic education in the United States. As a Holy Cross school, St. Edward High School's mission calls for the "formation of young men in a faith-based tradition that is God-centered and emphasizes the acceptance of each person." It is that foundation for religious education that all students are exposed to at St. Ed's and that fosters their maturation in faith. At St. Ed's, students are empowered to practice their faith, lead in service projects and engage in retreat experiences that allow them to live the Gospels in their everyday life. Likewise, they are challenged to participate in deep reflection and insight into the reality of their faith and receive a deep analysis of spirituality through their Theology courses.

To acknowledge this year's Catholic Schools Week daily themes, St. Ed's focused on celebrating our community, the central aspect to our institution, our faculty, staff and volunteers for their service and support they provide our students, and our students who demonstrate the value of a Catholic education. To show even more appreciation, St. Ed's Mothers' Club provided surprise treats and gifts for St. Ed's employees throughout the week and students were given the opportunity to write "Thank You" notes to teachers, staff members, coaches and mentors within the St. Ed's community who have positively impacted their Catholic education. "We don't often give our students an opportunity to thank those who sacrifice to make their Catholic education possible, so this week was a great moment to do so," says Campus Minister Ms. Cari White. "I think it's important that we remind students to take a moment to express their thankfulness for the unique opportunities they have at St. Ed's to learn in a faith-centered environment."