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Best of the Week 2010-2020: Holy Cross Values


This week, the St. Ed's community gathered to celebrate the beginning of the Lenten season with Mass on Ash Wednesday. Symbolizing a time for repentance, reflection and fasting, Lent encourages us to be intentional about prayer, fasting and generosity through self-sacrifice. "Lent is the perfect opportunity for our Edsmen to live out our Self-Sacrifice standard. As we think about Christ's sacrifices for us, we are all challenged to think about how we are working for others and at St. Ed's, we offer numerous opportunities to affirm that aspect of our faith life that enrich our relationships with others and God," says Associate Dean of Student Life & Leadership Mr. Matt Wallenhorst '05. "I think most of our students would agree that helping our neighbor is worthwhile. Our Edsmen, both Catholic and non-Catholic students, learn about social responsibility. Being part of our Holy Cross traditions means living them out as witnesses of our standards and values. When we help others using our own gifts, we practice self-sacrifice through kindness which inevitably brings hope."

"Self-sacrifice is an essential part of our goal to be Christ-like in all that we do in our lives," says Dean of Students Mr. Mark Urban. "Ash Wednesday is a time for our community to demonstrate our certainty and commitment to 'Go and Do Likewise.' The Lenten tradition is a time for reflection and intentionality that helps us to repurpose our lives as we simplify our goals to focus on what is essential: giving the best of ourselves to others." To remember the love of God and the sacrifice Jesus made for us, our Student Ministers have planned a new daily activity called "40 Days 40 Ways." These activities provide students with different opportunities to connect with God and self-reflect during the Lenten season. Additional time for students to pray will be offered during Community Period in the Holy Family Chapel including praying the Visio Divina (imagery prayer) with the Campus Ministry Department, Lenten reflection led by Br. Dennis Bednarz, C.S.C. and Theology teacher Mr. John Barrett '11, and a Lectio Divina scripture reflection led by Dean of Academics Mr. Matt Stepnowsky.

To end the week with a physical representation of our community's generosity and self-sacrifice, St. Ed's continued the legacy of the Clips for Cancer fundraiser. With all proceeds of the fundraising going toward the St. Baldrick's Foundation to help raise money for childhood cancer research, students, faculty and staff volunteered to support and give back to those affected by cancer. "Clips for Cancer is a perfect reminder of the power of our generosity and solidarity and is a meaningful way to show how self-sacrifice can sustain our Holy Cross community with pure selflessness," says Mr. Urban, photographed participating in today's Clips for Cancer fundraiser. "Clips for Cancer allows us to physically show our sacrifice," says Mr. Wallenhorst. "Many of our students, faculty and staff are personally affected by having to watch loved ones battle with cancer. This opportunity for us helps us spread awareness and make a choice to think about those fighting this deadly disease. Clips for Cancer inspires me and shows the best of our community. It speaks to the faith of our school and how we continue to add to this tradition for such a great cause."

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