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Best of the Week 2019-2020: Holy Cross Values


A St. Ed's servant leader is enlivened by zeal, yet tempered with humility, and brings daily hope. John Ham '20, Alex Colangelo '20 and brothers Matthew Shanahan '20 and Benjamin Shanahan '23 have been humble servant leaders for their local communities and the city of Cleveland during the COVID-19 crisis. John and Alex have been working with the St. Ambrose Food Pantry alongside Fr. Bob Stec to deliver loaves of bread, turkey, milk and other pre-made items to those in need (pictured above). "It's very important to reach out to those in need during this COVID-19 crisis because we have the means to do so," says John. "Unfortunately, many are out of work or barely living paycheck to paycheck, so because we have the means to give them aid, we have the responsibility to do so. We are all human and created in God's image and likeness, we are all equal; therefore, we all deserve the respect and help from our fellow brothers and sisters. Servant Leadership means laying down our preconceptions, our judgments, our selfishness, and help those in need. It means setting an example for others and acting out God's will. Jesus lives with each and every one of us, and just as he washed his disciple's feet, we ought to love others as we love ourselves. To my fellow Edsmen, where there is a will, there is a way. Reach out to your parishes, food banks, or community centers and ask what can be done. You don't have to go out and interact with people to help them. Just bagging up items or donating goods can make someone's day. Be creative, find different ways to give back to your community, but remember to stay safe."

"During times of uncertainty, it is essential to give back because it is what is right to do," says Matthew. "We all are hurting from this virus and quarantine in different ways, and any size acts of kindness and compassion are far stronger than any illness or event. We need to try our hardest to be helpers at this time, even if that means simply staying home to do our part." Matt and Benjamin's grandfather had been hospitalized for over a week during the COVID-19 outbreak and weren't allowed to visit him because of new restrictions. To give back to those who helped take care of their grandfather, Matt, Ben and their family delivered hot lunches to the nurses working at the Cleveland Clinic hospital to show their appreciation. "We ordered lunches throughout the week from local restaurants to be delivered to these nurses who are working during such a stressful time," says Benjamin. "One day, we ordered lunches from Aladdin's and when the restaurant found out what we were doing, they generously added all kinds of desserts and treats themselves to give to the nurses on behalf of the restaurant. We even sent a pizza party for the nurses the day our grandpa was discharged from the hospital. The nursing staff was so appreciative of our small gestures. They were so excited every time we called to take their order. They couldn't believe someone was willing to do this for them."

"At a difficult time like this, these young men have not only done a great job carrying out their academic responsibilities with discipline and high scholarly standards, but they also take moments to display responsible, helpful behavior to family and strangers. These are significant values of the St. Edward culture," says Social Studies Teacher Mr. Matthew Levindofske. On behalf of St. Edward High School, we'd like to thank our Edsmen, faculty, staff and families who continue to be servant leaders and display a Christ-like commitment to helping those in need.

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