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Best of the Week 2019-2020: Teaching to the Future


Brendan Smith '23 joined St. Ed's Entrepreneurship Club in fall 2019 and has since been working on creating a hybrid product to help Edsman follow the dress code and always don a perfectly tied tie while also creating a product that's easier and more comfortable to wear and remove. This product makes it easier for users to wear a tie without having to tie it yourself while also initiating a call to action to practice workplace safety when wearing formal attire. "Brendan's idea potentially fits a couple of niche markets," says Director of Entrepreneurial Solutions and Entrepreneurship teacher Mr. Bob Schenosky. "First, many private schools like St. Ed's have a dress code, which for boys may include a tie. However, some students may not know how to tie a tie. As well, many clip-on ties do not look as good as a regular tie, and are often easily identifiable as a clip-on. Another potential application would be for people who work in an industrial space where they still wear ties, but ties can be dangerous if they get caught in the equipment."

Brendan's product comes as a perfectly tied tie with an adjustable band that slides through the collar of a shirt with ease. Without having to undo the tie or take time removing it, users can simply slide the tie off without ruining its appearance. After many trial and error processes, creating several prototypes and presenting his product various times throughout the school year, Brendan has finalized a prototype and hopes to begin the next phase for testing the product's comfortability, durability and style to improve its features even more. "Brendan embodies the idea of entrepreneurship and is not afraid to fail," says Mr. Schenosky. "In entrepreneurship, we call it 'failing fast and falling forward.' What that effectively means is the ability to move on quickly from ideas that may not be viable. Brendan had several ideas before he came up with his hybrid tie product. Even while working on it, he continued to develop new ideas. He certainly has a knack for understanding the process and identifying problems."

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