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Best of the Week 2020-2021: Excellence in College Prep


St. Ed's welcomed 66 new students into the National Honor Society during the NHS induction ceremony led by this year's Chapter officers Jake Ottiger '21(President), Emerson Gray '21 (Vice President), Anthony Chambers '21 (Executive Council), Jack O'Brien '21 (Executive Council), Shane Tian '21 (Executive Council) and Tim Welch '21 (Executive Council). "The St. Edward Chapter of the National Honor Society is proud to have been inducting new members since 1958, and our 2020 Induction ceremony indicates the continuing emphasis on excellence that the members of our Chapter represent for our school and our community," says English Department Chair and NHS Moderator Andrew Allen.

"Throughout the year, members of our chapter serve as role models for other students. In addition to the strong academic records which established their eligibility for membership, our chapter members are leaders in many student organizations, and they serve our school and community through many activities. Our Chapter is proud of this record of accomplishment, and we welcome these new members who bring new energy in support of our Chapter’s continuing work and our commitment to the four core principles that serve as standards for the National Honor Society: Character, Scholarship, Leadership, and Service."

Congratulations to the new 2020 National Honor Society inductees:

Emmett Blakely ’22, Matthew Boepple ’21, Kevin Bohm ’22, Evan Bork ’22, Michael Butterfield ’21, Joseph Byrne ’22, Theodore Cawley ’22, Abraham Condrich ’22, Samuel Condrich ’22, Isaac Cudnik ’22, Brock Danahey ’22, Ahmed Elsharkawy ’22, Karim Elsharkawy ’22, Daniel Enovitch ’22, Lorenzo Espiritu ’21, Ian Fairfield ’22, Mateo Flores ’21, Tyler Fowles ’21, Kyle Franz ’22, Brian Ginley ’21, Jonathan Halko ’22, Aaron Harper ’21, Ian Harrington ’22, Jackson Harrison ’21, Aiden Hayes ’22, Thomas Hoffman ’22, Aleksandar Ilievski ’22, Jacob Kupetz ’21, Xavier Langford-Irizarry ’22, Nathan Laser ’21, Joshua Litten ’21, Jack Mansour ’22, Mason Mayle ’21, Colin Miller ’22, Jackson F. Miller ’22, Jackson T. Miller ’22, Adam Mocho ’22, Matthew Molnar ’22, Hayden Mueller ’22, Matthew Mullin-Gray ’22, Williamson Niceman ’22, Daniel Ollerton ’22, Michael Pattee ’22, John Polito ’22, Ryan Rosfelder ’21, Nicholas Roshkowski ’22, Benjamin Roth ’21, Garrett Rotz ’22, Charles Schaffner ’22, John Shultz ’22, Zachary Simmons ’22, Jacob Smith ’22, Nathan Snyder ’21, Gabriel Stalla ’22, Elliot Stasek ’22, Joseph Straub ’21, Daniel Swingos ’22, Abdurrahman Tamim ’22, John Thompson ’22, Evan Typpo ’22, Frank Warren ’22, Vincent Warren ’21, Brendan Waters ’22, Evan Webb ’22, Jayden Williams ’22, and Tory Williams ’22.

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