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Best of the Week 2020-2021: Excellence in College Prep


The first Model United Nations event of the year kicked off this week with a virtual conference, hosted by the Cleveland Council on World Affairs, for 22 Model UN Edsmen. Along with participants from all over Northeast Ohio, our Model UN members were able to participate in virtual debates over a two-day period to prepare for the upcoming CLEIMUN21 hybrid conference in February.

Connor Stanton '21, who worked as a member on the Human Rights MUN Council, reflected on his experience from participating in his first-ever Model UN virtual conference. "My favorite part of the conference was being able to participate in debates and discussions that, if conducted in person, could have taken much longer to organize and execute," says Connor. "A virtual MUN conference eliminated many of the logistical speed bumps of a regular MUN event. Telepresence technologies are being heavily relied on like never before to bridge the gaps created by the pandemic. Many of their capabilities are providing for richer experiences and a different kind of interconnectedness unavailable during in-person interactions. This experience was very unique compared to the other events in the MUN world, but I felt that our committee debates and discussions ran smoothly and efficiently."

With this being his first MUN conference experience, Aiden Bruder '24 noted how much he enjoyed his experience and the luxury of attending virtually. "I really enjoyed debating on Education Response to COVID-19 and Restitution of Cultural Property to Countries of Origin," says Aiden. "Participating virtually forced us all to pay close attention, be quiet and give our undivided attention to what the other delegates were presenting. Even though we weren't able to discuss in-person, we continued to learn, participated in thoughtful debates, and remained connected, something that is critical for us as a group."

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