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Best of the Week 2020-2021


Congratulations to Director of Strength and Conditioning Auggie Promersberger on being named the NHSSCA State Coach of the Year, recognizing him for his exceptional work from conditioning our high school student athletes to training and teaching younger students through our Strength & Conditioning camps. "Receiving this honor is very humbling," says Coach Auggie. "This honor feels like a justification for the work I've done over the last five years."

Coaching from Solon High School to Webber International University and even owning his own training company, Coach Auggie joined the St. Ed's community in 2015 to help teach student athletes the proper techniques and knowledge for how to effectively train and take care of their bodies. On a daily basis, Coach Auggie works with student athletes on the standards of discipline and intensity, training them to progress in strength, speed, power, hypertrophy, and motor skills based on each individual student's ability. "When I was in high school, the weight room was the first place where I felt like I belonged and had a sense of purpose. Then, when I was a collegiate football player and ended up paralyzed, I figured out where I had gone wrong in my training and how I could've prevented my injury. Performance training is important because it's a demanding and unbiased tool in teaching lifelong self-improvement," says Coach Auggie. "My position at St. Ed's gives me so many rewarding moments but what I enjoy most is seeing that moment when an athlete realizes he is in fact powerful beyond measure and the captain of his own fate. Whether it's a new personal record, a first win, a state championship, or a signed letter of intent, I love watching our students enjoy their success or fulfillment of a goal or dream."


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