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Best of the Week 2020-2021: Excellence in College Prep


The annual CLEIMUN21 Model UN Conference concluded last weekend after a very successful hybrid in-person/virtual event. With 50 in-person attendees and over 80 students who attended the conference virtually, our Edsmen Model UN delegates did a magnificent job, with Mazen Monnette '23 and Eric Vaziri '23 winning Honorable Mentions and Highly Commended Awards for their work as part of the Disarmament and International Security Committee (DISEC). Jaden Stainforth '23 also won the Best Resolution Award and the Best Delegate Gavel Award for his outstanding performance as the in-person delegate for the DISEC. Congratulations to Sam Richardson '22 who was appointed as a Joint Deputy Secretary General for next year's CLEIMUN22 Model UN Conference. A special shoutout goes to Joint Secretaries-General John Foertch '21 and Emerson Gray '21, President of the General Assembly Aris Dashiel '21, and Matt Boepple '21, Connor Stanton '21, Sam Richardson '22, Josh Butler '23, William Perrins '23, and Jett Razek '23 who served as Head Chairs and Deputy Chairs of Committees.

"I was impressed, as I so often am, by the commitment and depth of engagement shown by our Model UN student leaders, who committed a huge amount of time, particularly on over 18 Sunday evening workshops stretching back to last June, to get prepared and ready for this conference," says Model UN Moderator Michael Perrins. "I was very pleased that our delegates managed to drive 29 draft resolutions through the approvals panel - no mean task considering the challenges of a conference run in the middle of a pandemic. As a hybrid conference using elements from both American and European Model UN practices, this opportunity allowed our students to develop a far greater understanding of the differing cultural perspectives and multiple ways to navigate solutions and problem solve. Doing all of this while working under pressure and being up-to-date on facts and figures in the face of close scrutiny provides excellent skill-building opportunities for our students." In preparation for the conference and to highlight many of the dedicated members of St. Ed's Model UN team, Sebastian Vanegas '21 and Josh Litten '21 filmed CLEIMUN21 - The Movie. "This student film is a snapshot of what 'The MUNiverse' which is all about the myriad of opportunities students can get involved with Model UN, how they can achieve extraordinary things and, most importantly, meet wonderful people with similar interests," says Mr. Perrins. Click here to view St. Ed's Model UN short film, "CLEIMUN21 - The Movie."


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