Best of the Week 2020-2021: Holy Cross Values



St. Ed's welcomes back David Dowell '15 as a Diversity Intern, working alongside VP of Equity and Inclusion James Knight to assist with coordinating new diversity opportunities for Edsmen. From earning a Bachelor's in Advertising and a Master's in Sports Administration to playing Spartan football at Michigan State University, David has grown passionate about helping communities develop an appreciation for diversity and engage in diversity-centered opportunities and was eager to come back to St. Ed's and be an advocate, connecting with and mentoring our students of color. "When I graduated from MSU last year, I wanted to give back to St. Ed's somehow. After talking with Mr. Knight, I was able to connect with other young alumni of color and participate in the 'In My Shoes' Zoom series with students, sharing our experiences and wisdom. Being here at St. Ed's as an intern and get even more involved is a blessing," says David. Now currently working on Women's History Month initiatives and getting a St. Ed's Diversity podcast up and running, David is excited to continue fostering relationships with students, teachers and staff to have more discussions about diversity. "Diversity is life. There's diversity in everything, whether you're a high school student, in college, or an adult on your career path. Students need to know that they're going to be exposed to different situations where people are different from them, think differently, or come from a completely different background. Showing students how to handle these instances with empathy and understanding to allow themselves to see people for who they are will inevitably make them better people who work well with others. That's the biggest thing about diversity that I've learned and what I hope students can learn from me while I'm here." "Having someone like David, who went to St. Ed's, has an impressive resume, who might still play for the NFL, and who's completed his Master's, is a role model for our students to easily connect with," says Mr. Knight. "David is a model for what so many of our students are chasing so to have him here as a resource for students to talk to and pull wisdom from is a great relationship for them to have. David already has such a strong connection, voice, and role in this community, whether as an intern or an alum. As a leader, David is helping his fellow brothers like himself be part of the overarching diversity initiative."