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Best of the Week 2020-2021: Teaching to the Future


During a time when so much seems uncertain, St. Ed's has remained strong in our goal to provide the best educational experience possible for our Edsmen while adhering to the COVID-19 protocols and guidelines. With the competence to see and the courage to act, St. Ed's devised a detailed plan for Phase One of our Safe Return to School Plan to provide the best and safest environment for our community to return to campus. "St. Ed's is defined by its faculty's desire to strengthen relationships through ingenuity and innovation," says Nick Kuhar, Associate Dean of Academics and IB Coordinator. "Our faculty and administration have really been attentive to our students and deliberate in making all students, both in person and remote, feel included and engaged." With a focus on carrying out our mission, keeping all members of our community healthy and safe, and implementing a sense of normalcy to each school day, St. Ed's has taken an innovative approach to deliver a high quality academic experience for students learning both in the classroom and remotely. A newly revised calendar has been implemented to maximize instructional time and the use of PowerSchool's resources allows students and parents to easily access all assignments, grades, etc. Padcasters, a mobile video casting system, provides a simpler way for teachers to livestream their classes and interact with students learning from home in real time. State-of-the-art instructional technology, like Labster for all science classes, has enhanced student learning as well. While we cannot physically live out our 2020-2021 school theme, "Side by Side," our community's focus on innovation and emphasis on relationships speaks to the support and commitment our community embodies. "The good will, patience, and kindness through the community is something everyone is working hard to do," says Matt Stepnowsky, Dean of Academics. "Getting into the classrooms and talking to students and teachers, our community is working with patience, compassion, and care for relationships that is keeping us strong and on the right path."

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