Best of the Week 2020-2021: Teaching to the Future


To shed light on Mental Health Awareness month, St. Ed's has shared perspectives, resources, and creative ideas to help students practice self-care and be aware of their own mental health. From daily social media posts to morning announcements with mental health tips, St. Ed's has been intentional about raising awareness of our community's mental health and the ways we can best take care of ourselves. The Cross and Anchors Society has led engaging, stress-free activities throughout the month, including a Madden video game tournament, for students to unwind and have fun. Meanwhile, Producing Digital Media film students have been filming short clips, interviewing fellow students and teachers who've shared how they practice self-care, their mental health tips, and how they relieve stress amidst the challenges that the pandemic has brought this school year. Check out the video above to hear Matt Stepnowsky, Dean of Academics, talk about how exercise has played a major role in his daily routine:

"We hope that students will see these videos and all the resources that the school offers, from our Counseling Office and Mission Office to the numerous daily activities they can partake in, so they can find outlets to relieve stress and become better aware of their own mental health practices," says Matt Wallenhorst '05, Associate Dean of Student Life & Leadership.