Best of the Week 2020-2021: Teaching to the Future


Congratulations to Myles O'Malley '22 on winning first place in The Rotary & Beck Center Visual Arts 2021 Contest. Out of 71 pieces submitted by 52 students from across the city of Cleveland, Myles' colored pencil portrait of his dog, Baxter in a Cleveland Browns jersey won him the first place prize of $500. "This was the first art show I've ever entered into and it came as a great surprise to have actually won first place," says Myles. "Trying something more challenging was what inspired me to draw this piece. I've never drawn animals and It was a difficult task to draw all the hairs in the picture, but I wanted it to look as life-like as possible. I've been drawing ever since I was little and have improved significantly over the years. St. Ed's has opened the door for so many opportunities for me as an artist and, as a junior, there are still more opportunities to come. Art is really important to me and I feel like I can have a future in it, sketching and making art in different ways throughout my future career." "Myles, as well as several other artists, stepped up during this unique learning experience and put forth a stellar effort. His attention to detail and use of colored pencil shading to draw his family's Labradoodle was intentional and very realistic. I'm not surprised his piece took 'Best in Show,'" says Fine Arts teacher Shaun Kinley. "Seriously, though, Myles and his classmates have put out fantastic artwork this year. I am so happy to see him achieve this recognition and all of the work our students have created throughout the year with so many unknowns." Another congratulations also goes to pottery student Matthew Platko '22 who took third place in the same contest, winning a prize of $275 for his pottery creation. Our Edsmen have certainly showcased their talents and creative vision through various art forms this year, taking artistic liberty to turn their passions and interests into stunning works of art.