Best of the Week 2020-2021: Teaching to the Future


Congratulations to Dmitry Lipert '23 who earned first place in the Grades 9-10 Engineering category at the Northeast Ohio Science and Engineering Fair (NEOSEF). Back in 2019, Dmitry had conducted an experiment to improve motorcycle power output and chose to expand on this concept for the NEOSEF competition, creating an adjustable air flow valve for a carburetor to maximize results. By altering the air flow into a motorcycle and tuning the ratio between air and fuel entering the combustion chamber, Dmitry found that the adjustable ratio can help improve the power output of the engine, the speed of the engine, and fuel efficiency. "Engineering fascinates me. I can take all of these ideas that I've visualized in my head and, after a lot of time and effort, make them real and create a physical representation of my skills." Having participated in other opportunities through NEOSEF since middle school, Dmitry has taken an independent approach to learning more about engineering and how to apply concepts to his innovative ideas. "A lot of the skills I used throughout the process of my project ranged from design work, research, fabrication, and programming. While I've had a grasp on these skills prior to becoming an Edsman, the work I've done in the classroom in my engineering classes has helped me expand my knowledge and skillset to apply them to this specific project," says Dmitry. "Likewise, NEOSEF gave me the opportunity to explore new topics and receive feedback from professionals in the field of science and engineering. For me, the first place recognition, while it's nice to have received a physical reward for my work, was not the reason I entered the fair to begin with. I entered this competition to expand my skills and network with professionals who could help me on my way as an engineer."