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Best of the Week 2020-2021: Teaching to the Future


Matthew Campbell '21 is the winner of John Carroll University's Ignatian Heritage Scholarship Competition and has been awarded full room and board for all four years at John Carroll in addition to his merit-based scholarships. Matthew's video, which focused on finding God in all things, put an interesting twist on how the pandemic has challenged him and other students alike to find the goodness behind the challenges and struggles brought about within the last year. From spring sport seasons that were cut short to experiencing lockdown and losing time with extended family and friends, Matthew's video acknowledges the positives that have come from these experiences and how God sheds light on the goodness that still surrounds us. "During my sophomore year Theology course covering the Paschal Mystery, Mr. Yako taught me about the value in finding God in all things and that really stuck with me," says Matthew. "The pandemic has given me time to reflect on happiness and its presence through friendship, family, and for me, athletics. Having taken film classes throughout my four years at St. Ed's, I wanted to illustrate my vision and bring to life the truth about how one needs to seek out the Lord in order to build a strong relationship with Him." Matthew's faith journey and connection to St. Ed's Holy Cross values inspired him to create a thought-provoking video from a relatable perspective. "It was fun to act in my own film alongside my friends and put on display the message I was trying to convey," says Matthew. "I didn't want to just speak over a slideshow and explain how one can find God. I wanted to truly capture the mindset of a teenager who is struggling to find God's presence. I wanted to show how we can be guided toward a new perspective to stop and see how God makes Himself known in our relationships, everyday goodness, and the beauty in all things. Winning this scholarship not only made me realize that I'm one step closer to fulfilling my dream of attending a great college, but it also showed me the value of what my film holds and the message it shares."

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