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Best of the Week 2021-2022: Excellence in College Prep


Launched as part of St. Ed's evolving commitment to international mindedness, the new "Your Name is A Place" series explores the connections between identity, culture, language, and place through interviews with the faculty, staff and students of St. Edward High School. As an IB World School, we're committed to exploring international mindedness, by simply taking the time to sit down, listen to and learn about the members of our family at St. Ed's. The first episode, which launched this week, sits down with Mr. Daniel Cavoli, a beloved, legendary Latin teacher at St. Ed's, as he explains the roots of his own name, how language conveys different meanings of "Cavoli," and how his ancestry has been intertwined with his identity and experiences throughout his life. With the help of Principal KC McKenna '00, Director of International Programs Michael Perrins and several other community members, Dean of Academics Matt Stepnowsky and Associate Dean of Academics/IB Coordinator Nick Kuhar have been designing more and more exciting ways for Edsmen to leave here with a powerful sense of what it means to be internationally minded. Ultimately, we're taking a two-pronged approach to amplifying how we tackle international mindedness. "Your Name Is A Place" is part of the "down/up" approach, where we act local, but think global. So, in other words, we're finding how we can take something small (like short conversations with community members we already know and love) to teach us more about those in our community, while also enabling them to share broader contexts for who they are," says Mr. Kuhar. "'Place' is a big concept covered in several subjects from freshman and sophomore classes to IB Diploma Program courses. Each of us is a complex and rich latticework of identity, place, culture and language, and a video series like this helps everyone in our community see how our background shapes who we are."

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