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Best of the Week 2021-2022: Excellence in College Prep


Congratulations to the two Mock Trial teams who are continuing on to States! After a long season, these teams have been fine-tuning their arguments and rebuttals to head into the State competition with confidence and trust in their team members. "I am proud of these boys for their hard work and dedication to the program," says Mock Trial co-moderator and Social Studies teacher Mary Kate Hermann. "They have been dissecting this case since October and analyzing complicated case law to further their arguments. Their public speaking, critical thinking, and ability to form a persuasive argument has been really impressive this year." "To make it to States as a senior has meant the world to me," says Ian Fairfield '22. "Preparing for something like the State competition is unlike the rest of the year. It becomes more about polishing and searching for things you may not have noticed before. As a team we’re made up of grades ranging from seniors to sophomores so there is a really awesome team dynamic. To me, it is a lot like a sports team at this point, and there is so much mutual respect amongst each team member that all dealings within the group are always done with intentions to better the whole team." "It's extremely exciting to be able to continue on as a team to the state level. We have put in many early mornings and late nights to get where we are now, so to be rewarded with a trip to states and the opportunity to continue competing against the best of the best is all we can ask for," says Michael Pattee '22. "Throughout my four years of competing in Mock Trial, I have been able to learn from the upperclassmen ahead of me, get to experience a part of the brotherhood of St. Ed's, and hopefully have a lasting impact upon the underclassmen who will one day be the captains and leaders of this program." "This was the first year that I had made it past regionals. For the past two years, this has been a tough barrier to break through and I am glad I have finally done it with my team and am moving on to States," says Seamus McGinty '23. "Mock Trial has made me more comfortable speaking and presenting in front of a group of people. I think it has allowed me to practice formulating my thoughts quickly and intelligently and then actually saying them out loud. I know that these skills have paid off in the classroom and will continue to pay off no matter what line of work I end up doing." "This season has been a profound one for me because it's been really cool to see a team of such different personalities and characters who are all so different come together to perform and achieve something great," says William Perrins '23. "Mock Trial has made a difference in my life as an Edsman, forcing me to become better at thinking on my feet, deflecting tough questions, and increasing my problem-solving ability." Good luck to our Mock Trial teams at their State competition! Go Eagles!


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