Best of the Week 2021-2022: Excellence in College Prep


This week, students from the Business & Entrepreneurship program attended the ThinkBig! Summit at Case Western Reserve University, hosted by the Veale Youth Entrepreneurship Foundation. Taking advantage of this networking experience, students worked with a panel of local entrepreneurs and business owners who specialize in Social Enterprises and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). "The panel shared their experiences in starting a business and the obstacles that could potentially deter them from starting or withstanding the difficult times that are a part of life as a business owner," says Business teacher Matt Harris. "The students really benefited from the experience and gained knowledge from real world professionals, as well as making connections with their peers from schools who also participate in the Veale Foundation business events throughout the year."

While at the Summit, students participated in a hands-on hackathon centered on business as a social enterprise, looking to address how a business can bring value to the local community and not focus solely on the bottom line. The hackathon required students to use random materials to create a viable prototype centered on being a Social Enterprise and implementing CSR. Students were able to take the concepts they've learned in the classroom and at the Summit to problem-solve, innovate, and prototype in an out-of-the-classroom networking experience. In turn, our students were given a free membership to NextGenHQ, an online community for young entrepreneurs based in New York City that will connect them to fellow students, mentors, and events designed to keep them involved and thinking creatively like an entrepreneur.